Getting it right key for recruitment firm

Getting it right key for recruitment fi rm

Passionate about getting it right, Dunedin based recruitment agency Your People Recruitment, focus on skills and experience along with cultural fit when making placements.
Managing Director Warwick McArthur says it’s not just the candidate’s ability to do the technical tasks required of a job that is so critical to success in a role, but the cultural fit within the organisation is also be a big determinant.
Cultural fit is the likelihood that a candidate will reflect and/or be able to adapt to the core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that make up the organisation. Warwick gives the example of visiting an IT business that was looking for a new recruit.
“We had an arrangement to meet them at 10.00am at their offices – strolled in and it seemed no-one was there. Then someone popped up from behind a computer screen and there were 10 people working there. Every work place is so different. In that work place there was no noise. So that was an insight to me that an extravert would not be an ideal cultural fit.”
One of the key things that sets Your People Recruitment apart is the extensive background in management that founding owners Warwick and Robyn Leyden bring to the table.
Warwick and partner in business and life, Robyn, have real life experience at senior management levels; managing people, recruiting, identifying star performers, cultural fit, overseeing business expansions and, unfortunately, redundancies.
With a strong belief that their experience would be better served matching people with businesses, Warwick and Robyn formed Your People Recruitment in 2008.
“We came with a really good understanding of people, recruitment, staffing, staff problems, and that’s what we thought differentiated us from others in the recruitment industry,” explains Warwick.
“For me it’s about getting it absolutely right– we wont compromise basically – if we haven’t got the right
person with the right fit for a job, we just won’t fill it.”
Complementing Warwick and Robyn is a team of professionals who all come from either a management or Human Resource background. Located in the Westpac Building in Dunedin, Your People Recruitment covers the lower half of the South Island.
With the majority of work coming from Dunedin, Warwick says the playpen includes Timaru, Oamaru, Central Otago and a bit in Southland.
Your People Recruitment is also approached from people in Auckland and Australia wanting to settle in Dunedin and looking for jobs.
Referrals from businesses with an existing relationship see business from further afield approaching Your People Recruitment for recruitment assistance.
“We recruit for both permanent and temporary roles. Our focus really is recruiting professionals, executives, IT, accounting, administration and some trades – typically electrical, engineering and the more senior roles in construction like project managers and quantity surveyors.”

Getting it right key for recruitment fi rm
recruitment co-ordinator Sarah Smeaton

Qualified in psychometric assessment, Robyn assesses most candidates for senior roles on numeracy, verbal and abstract reasoning, along with some role specific assessments.
Warwick says that psychometric assessment forms part of the recruitment puzzle in determining a candidate has the intellectual ability to do a job, as well as telling a prospective manager how a candidate behaves, reacts and likes to be managed.
“The other thing that sets us apart is that we’re always looking at the candidate’s career, making sure that we are putting people into positions that will benefit their career and not just banging them into a job.”
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