Company earning global reputation for effluent systems

Company earning global reputation for effluent systems
Williams Engineering stock or manufacturer everything required for your effluent system from pumps (previous page) to travelling irrigators (above) and everything in between.

It’s a pooh of a job but someone has to do it and Williams Engineering’s reputation is spreading. Farm effluent is a resource not a waste says Andrew Williams, Managing Director of Waikato’s Williams Engineering (2011) – New Zealand’s leader in dairy farm effluent machinery manufacture and effluent system design.
“Obviously there’s a lot of emphasis on farmers being compliant, so it’s in our best interests to keep dairying the way it’s going and making sure we can look after those farmers needing solutions.
That’s our goal – we like to work with farmers and it‘s enjoyable.” Andrew is continuing the business that his father, Neville Williams, established more than 40 years ago.
In the early days the business focused on building slurry tankers and Andrew says hundreds of them were built – so well in fact that a good number remain operational to this day.
By 1984 the company was specialising in the manufacture of effluent disposal equipment and systems, gaining not just national recognition but worldwide attention, with annual exports to Chile, Uruguay, Australia and North America.
Andrew says that today Chile is the company’s biggest export market. Growing up around his fathers engineering workshop, Andrew learned the trade and eventually bought the business in 2011.
He shares his father’s passion for keeping things simple. “It’s keeping things moving and maintaining the great reputation that dad created,” says Andrew.
“Keeping it simple, really reliable, trouble free and easy to use. We’re designing it for the people who are using it – the dairy farmers. The irrigators need to be robust and take into account the challenging use they will get over a lifetime. That’s where the Williams name has been proven.”
Andrew says that he could look offshore to do a lot of things but it’s not what he’s in business for.
“We try to be competitive while keeping things in New Zealand. I’ve always had 12 staff and I want to maintain that forever if I can.”
Located near the little settlement of Waitakaruru on the Hauraki Plans, an extensive dealership extends Williams Engineering’s geographic reach to the depth and breadth of New Zealand.
About 300 Williams Travelling Irrigators are manufactured each year either for domestic placement or export.
Andrew says at one stage they got up to 500 units. Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) System Design forms another significant part of the business and Williams Engineering obtained accreditation in 2013.
Andrew says the accreditation provides farmers with confidence that what they are being told about system design is right and they are doing the right thing.
“It’s getting that industry standard out there and future planning so that the system will last 30—50 years. It’s a long-term investment and it’s not a one size fits all situation. We’ve got good suppliers —so you don’t want to cut corners.”
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