Manage your effluent the right way

Manage your effluent the right way
Williams Engineering provides a comprehensive range of equipment for complete effluent systems.

Williams Engineering Limited, based on the Hauraki Plains, is an agricultural manufacturing business that has been producing high quality, well designed, practical, user friendly and cost-effective farm machinery for the past 40 years.
Over the last 30 years the company has specialised in farm ‘Moopoo’ solutions – ‘Moopoo’ being the fitting slogan used by the company for farm effluent.
Their successes in recent years are due to being innovative and practical in their designing process.
The demand for their machinery hasn’t been confined to the local market, but has spread to North and South America, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia.
Farm effluent needs to be considered a resource, says company director Andrew Williams, but every dairy farm is different so no one system suits everyone, “there are many different factors that need to be taken into consideration, e.g. soil type, annual rainfall, on farm safety and management, milking season and much more.”
Over the past 10 years, Williams Engineering has changed their business’ approach, Andrew explains, “we have done training in farm dairy effluent system design and management in conjunction with Dairy NZ and seven years ago the business became Farm Dairy Effluent Design accredited.”
This has been the key to their product development after noticing some faults during the accreditation process.
“We discovered that part of our range of travelling irrigators was not compliant in some high risk soil types so we had to go away and work hard on how we were going to develop our irrigators to meet the requirements. We now do pretty much the whole works for effluent systems, and if we can’t we know who will!”
The team start by coming onsite to do a farm specific plan, Andrew explains stating that over the past five years adequate effluent storage has been a big part of the business.
“We have been involved in the project management of close to 100 ponds, from the pond, we precast and install our own concrete panels to do sand traps bunkers etcetera, we spec the right pumps, stirrers (agitators), mainline systems, hydrants, right to the irrigator. We have the know-how and machinery to do it all so we are a one-stop shop.”

Manage your effluent the right way
Demand for Williams Engineering’s machinery has spread beyond the local market to America, the UK, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa and Australia.

Williams Engineering acknowledges that reliability and simplicity of operation is paramount in today’s busy dairy farming world and with a nationwide network of experienced dealers, Williams Engineering has the proven experience and expertise.
Their website, (presently being upgraded), advice, information and equipment are only a fingertip away.
Thousands of farmers have made the smartest decision in selecting Williams Engineering’s effluent disposal equipment.
The Williams “Spider” travelling Irrigators has truly been the ultimate in effluent irrigator for over 25 years.
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