Ongoing investment driving growth

Ongoing investment driving growth
Whitestone Contracting plans to continue its positive growth strategy which has the company reinvesting about $2 million a year in capital expenditure.

Now preparing to tap into niche markets for infrastructure, Oamaru-based Whitestone Contractingplans to continue its positive growth strategy which has the company reinvesting about $2m a year in capital expenditure.
Whitestone Contracting business development manager Linton Clarke says there are many niche opportunities in the local market, and two new pieces of plant have recently arrived at company HQ in May.
A new hydrovac vacuum truck was the first to arrive. The trenchless excavator injects high-pres-sure water into the ground and sucks out material. “It’s driven by safety,” Linton says.
“Traditionally, people have used a spade or a digger to dig a hole in the ground, but now with the number of services underground such as water, power and phone cables, there is a risk of injury to the person digging, and people don’t like having their services interrupted if a cable is accidentally damaged.
There is technology out there that makes the job safer, and efficiencies come on the back end of that,” he says.
“Our new hydrovac allows us to dig a hole in the ground with trenchless technology, removing material with reduced risk to our staff and without damaging the infrastructure.”
Additionally the hydrovac has been fitted with a hi pressure jetting unit, which enables us to perform drain and culvert cleaning and clearance.
The next piece of new plant to arrive was a brand new GPS-guided Pauselli Model 700 guard-rail machine which replaces and installs new steel or wooden guard rails and wire rope safety fences on roads.
Fitted with post extractor and clamp and barrier install unit, Whitestone Contracting has also specced the unit with a hydraulic rotary head with auger adapter and the ability to fit a downhole hammer drill for installation into rock.
“We have pitched that piece of gear to assist with the delivery of the Government’s $600m Safe Roads Alliance,” Linton says.
“It’s niche marketing from our point of view. It adds to our capabilities and provides growth opportunities.”
He says expanding on its array of services as well as making the job safer by using the latest technologies is something Whitestone Contracting will continue to do.

Ongoing investment driving growth
Oamaru company Whitestone Contracting is actively involved in Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ).

“We’ll be looking at what is in the market to do things more effectively and efficiently and safer.
“These three things are important to us, and we prioritise safety, by doing things which protect not only our staff but also our customers and the people we interact with
.“If we can create a job that’s more effective, it’s a win for both ourselves and our customers.”
Whitestone Contracting is actively involved in Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ), with company CEO Glenn Campbell on the executive of the Otago branch.
Linton says a current push from CCNZ is to attract young people into the industry.
“This is an industry you can come in to from ground roots,” he says.
“The industry will provide the training, you can learn as you go and come out the back end with a degree qualification.”
Whitestone Contracting brings people from unskilled and unproven right through to management level.
“Key to this is working with them, making sure they have the support around them and access to the resources they need.
“We get paid back by having these employees stay with us for a reasonable amount of time,” says Linton.
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