Site specific plans all part of package

Site specific plans all part of package
Each section at Wanaka’s Stackbrae subdivision comes with it’s own pre-approved building plans.

A unique subdivision nearing completion at Wanaka is showcasing its developer’s foresight in creating a cohesive building and landscape design whilst reflecting owners’ personal tastes.
Stackbrae developer Stuart Pinfold came up with a plan to offer sections for sale with site-specific building plans included in the price.
The idea was to create a unified building development keeping costs down for buyers whilst allowing plenty of scope for individuality in finishings, interiors, and landscaping.
The first stage of 21 sections on Stackbrae subdivision, some five minutes from Wanaka on the Cardrona Road, is all but sold out with many homes already built or in various stages of completion.
Architect Justin Wright, from Assembly Architects in Arrowtown, said the homes shared a consistent design language, with variety in expression around house size, shape, and orientation, a varied material palette, and a “family of details.”
The developer wanted to create a high-quality subdivision and by providing approved house designs purchasers knew exactly what they were getting, he said.
Each house was designed with consideration to maximise views, sun, shelter and privacy.
Using covenants the developer had been able to push houses to the south boundary of each site, in this way maximising the size and use of northfacing outdoor courtyards.
In many cases the south wall of one house doubled as the northern courtyard wall for the house behind. This, combined with very low roof pitches on single storey buildings meant each house had good mountain views over roof-tops, he said.
The three to four-bedroom house types and sizes varied, but each comprised living areas related to an exterior patio and generous lawn, and privately positioned bedrooms separate to living areas. “In terms of an architect-designed house, its good value for money,” he said.
Andy Wavish, of Wavish Building, one of several contractors on site, said each section came with its own pre-approved building plans ready for applying for building consent.
“So when you buy a section it comes with a plan – that’s pretty unique. I didn’t think it would work, and it was a bit slow to get going, but then people started to see the concept was working.”
After completing  a few  builds for clients he appreciated the design  concept  and built one for himself to call home. Which is handy for work as and his team of five have been full-time building at Stackbrae over the past 15 months and expect to be there for a while yet.

Site specific plans all part of package
House sizes at Stackbrae subdivision in Wanaka range from 175 to 250 square metres, with sections ranging from 450 to 900 square metres.

Andy says the house sizes vary between 175 to 250 square metres, with sections ranging from 450 to 900 square metres, the larger ones having potential for subdivision down the middle with plans for mirror image houses.
Prices had ranged from $350,000 earlier on for single house sections to subdividable sections at $550,000.
Building costs averaged between $2500 to $3000 per square metre, “…definitely a few hundy more than a standard house, but nothing too crazy.” Andy says he loves the use of sun, light, space and mountain views in each of the homes.
Claddings mostly incorporated some form of cedar in horizontal or vertical patterns, and each house also sported a main architectural feature such as a curved soffit.
Charred weather boards, plastered walls, honed blocks or painted brick were all included in the exterior palette choice, while owners were left to personalise the interiors as they saw fit.
High double-glazed sliders featuring thermal break technology (which creates an insulated barrier within the window frame) maximised sun and warmth in winter, while eaves blocked sun during the heat of the day in summer.
Site specific plans all part of package
Shared laneways promoted social and safe access. All utility areas were screened and landscaping and a planting palette tied the whole design together.
With nearby restaurant and medical centre, Wanaka a short drive or refreshing stroll away, and proximity to Cardrona ski fields, the estate had attracted a cross-section of buyers including business people, families, retirees, or those building for holiday homes or short term rentals.
Planning is under way for Stage 2 which will be a continuation of architect lead design adding a further 16 sections.
“It’s a good concept. Stu (Pinfold) could have made more money quickly if he’d sold the lots as bare land, but its something he can be really proud of down the track,” says Andy.
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