Unyielding commitment to quality secret to Faulkner Construction’s success

In the competitive world of the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition, where each project is a testament to skill, craftsmanship and innovation, Faulkner Construction has emerged as a trailblazer.

The Auckland and Tauranga-based construction company added another feather to its cap by securing victory in the 2023 competition clinching not just one but two distinguished awards – the Regional Supreme Renovation of the Year award and the coveted Regional Pink Batts Craftsmanship Award for the Auckland/Northland/Coromandel region along with being named a Regional Category Winner and taking home a Regional Gold with the project making it into the Top 100 nationwide.

Working collaboratively with the team at MAUD, with MAUD principal Natasha Markham also being the client on the project, Faulkner Construction undertook the formidable task of updating a Victorian villa in a Special Character area.

Ross Faulkner, one of Faulkner Construction’s directors, says this was no ordinary renovation: “It required careful handling to ensure the preservation of the heritage while infusing a contemporary aesthetic. The homeowners sought a more modern interior and improved access to the outdoor space at the rear,” he says.

The result is a single-storey heritage home that seamlessly marries the historic charm of the Victorian villa with a modern and vibrant rear addition. The street-side elevation has been meticulously restored to blend seamlessly with its historic surroundings. A basement garage, cleverly integrated into one side of the raised garden, features a flush garage door that complements the white timber exterior.

Inside, the original house has been transformed into a haven with three bedrooms, a study, a bathroom and a lounge. The rear addition boasts a modern aesthetic, with a kitchen and living area built using recycled brick and kauri from the original home. The brick floor adds character to the kitchen’s dark aesthetic, and corner sliding doors open up to a paved patio, pool and garden, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.

A new stairway connects the two-storey addition, housing a main bedroom with access to a private balcony. The ensuite, adorned with quality tiles, features an archway leading to a fully tiled shower.

“Quality has always been our mantra at Faulkner Construction. We view each home we build as if it were our own,” Ross Faulkner says.

The success of Faulkner Construction since its inception in 1981 in the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition is not an isolated achievement. Specialising in architecturally designed homes and renovations, the company has won numerous accolades at the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition over the years including National Outdoor Living awards, Gold Reserve awards and Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

Operating out of Auckland and Tauranga, Ross says that Faulkner Construction has become one of the most decorated Master Builders in New Zealand due to its unyielding commitment to quality. “Quality has always been our mantra at Faulkner Construction. We view each home we build as if it were our own,” he says.

The company’s success is attributed not only to the quality of its builds but also to the conduct on-site. Ross says clients have expressed appreciation for the punctuality, friendliness and tidiness of the Faulkner team, making the building process a positive and memorable experience.

“Our family grows with every person that joins our team, every client we work for and every home that we deliver.”

Ross runs the company with co-director Ross McConnell who brings a wealth of experience from his background as an engineer and project manager with Fletcher Construction. Ross McConnell acknowledges that building a new home can be one of the most exciting yet potentially stressful projects. “At Faulkner, the focus is on supporting clients through this journey, ensuring a positive building experience,” he says.

Ross McConnell says an integral part of Faulkner Construction’s success is its dedication to training apprentices. The company takes on apprentice carpenters, trains them to compete nationally in the Apprentice of the Year competition and contributes to their growth as builders.

This commitment to nurturing talent is evident in the numerous accolades received by the company’s carpentry apprentices over the years. The long-term benefit is the development of builders who know how to work to the high standard required to create award-winning homes for clients, they say.

Ross Faulkner captures the essence of Faulkner Construction’s ethos stating: “We’re a second-generation family business, and our family grows with every person that joins our team, every client we work for and every home that we deliver.”

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