Hospital level care an asset

Hospital level care an asset
Invercargill’s Ultimate Care Rose Lodge facility has added 30 rooms offering hospital level care to residents. Below, manager Fiona Soper says it is an honour and a privilege to be with someone to the end of their life.

The addition of hospital level care to Ultimate Care Rose Lodge’s facilities in March this year provides a potentially life changing benefit for residents and their families.
Situated near central Invercargill, Ultimate Care Rose Lodge is home to a boutique village of 10 one and two-bedroom independent villas with a care facility on site as part of the complex.
The care facility comprises of 30 comfortable single rooms, some with ensuites, where rest home and hospital-level care is offered, overlooking a lovely garden setting.
Manager Fiona Soper says specialist aged care is quite a different proposition from a retirement village.“It’s about looking after the needs of the individual. There are a number of care levels that can be offered to our residents to make sure they are looked after in accordance with their medical, physical and psychological needs.”
Residents arrive having had an assessment which indicates which type of care they need.Staff, nurses and caregivers, monitor this on an ongoing basis to ensure residents are receiving the best possible care.
“We work with residents, families and our medical teams to create personal care plans.”Rose Lodge was bought by Ultimate Care Group in 2018 and this has brought many positive benefi ts, Fiona says.
This includes very supportive management who are always available when needed, ongoing training and professional development for staff, monitoring and evaluating services regularly and seeking ongoing feedback from residents and staff.The process of moving into an aged care facility is major life decision and can be a difficult time for an elderly person.
However, it can provide a positive change, giving the care and support needed while freeing a person from the responsibilities of owning and maintaining their own home.
Typically, Ultimate Care Rose Lodge will be contacted either by a family member or a needs assessor. At this point Fiona always suggests the elderly person should visit, have a look around and talk to her.
While most people do not like the thought of going into care, once they are settled in Rose Lodge, its staff and their fellow residents become their home and extended family.
Hospital level care an asset
Fiona says improved health care has meant that people will often not need to move into an aged care facility until their latter years, when they can be more frail and their medical needs have increased.
Because of this, Rose Lodge’s ability to provide hospital level care is proving to be a significant asset to residents, not only medically, but emotionally as they do not have to move elsewhere to receive appropriate care.“Having to move so late in life and after being a long-term resident can be a difficult experience for the resident.
“Now we don’t have to say to someone you have to move; it is an honour and a privilege to be with someone to the end of their life and we are able to do that now,” Fiona says.
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