Top 10 placing for Tuatara in Deloitte Fast 50

Top 10 placing for Tuatara in Deloitte Fast 50
A multi-tenanted commercial building within Remarkables Park precinct in Queenstown completed by Tuatara Structures.

For the second year in a row, young customer-focused construction company Tuatara Structures has achieved success at the Deloitte Fast 50, which lists the fastest-growing businesses across New Zealand.
The company achieved eighth place on the 2019 Deloitte Fast 50 Growth index, following on from 2018 when it achieved second place in the Growth Index, along with the Fastest Growing Services Business in Christchurch and upper South Island and New Zealand.“It’s a real source of pride for our team,” says Kathryn Kircher, Tuatara Structures’ marketing manager.
“We’re a pretty small team and a young business. There are a lot of very well-known players in the construction industry who have been around for a long time. “So, for us to have achieved such a high level of growth—not just this year but last year as well—has been really exciting for us and such an impressive feat for our little team to celebrate.”
Christchurch-based Tuatara Structures was established in 2014 when managing director, Jordan Frizzell, was introduced to the business model and construction techniques by an associate in Australia. Immediately spotting a gap in the market the business was formed, with its name derived from New Zealand’s famous and long living Tuatara.
Ranging from small to large-scale structures, Tuatara’s buildings are ideally suited for the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors including retail and warehousing, pack houses and cool stores.
The bones of Tuatara’s buildings are built from structural steel and use a swing-leg roof lift construction technique that reduces the risk to people building at height while also speeding up construction.
“The roof is constructed at ground level and then lifted into place by crane. During ground construction, legs are attached loosely to both ground and roof. “Depending on the size of the roof, a number of cranes work in unison to lift the roof, which swings up on to its legs. Once in place, the legs are securely attached to the ground and roof structure.”
When it comes to the exterior the cladding is governed by the client’s preference and often sympathetic to the building’s location and environment.

Top 10 placing for Tuatara in Deloitte Fast 50
OTS Global headquarters in Queenstown. The building is clad in natural stone, western red cedar and reflective glass, and features impressive two-storeyed stone columns.

“They tend to be clad mostly in long-run steel but many of the buildings use beautiful timbers and panelling. Stone has been used a lot in Queenstown.” While the company has focused on the South Island since its beginnings, it has just started to move into the North Island with its first project in Wellington currently underway.
Expertise within the team includes architectural draughting, site management, quantity surveying, estimating and sales and marketing.“The number one focus for our team has always been customer service. Our clients are our number one priority and everything we do is about getting the best results for our clients.
“We want to give them a building that will go up faster than our competitors and using business information modeling software we’re able to offer fixed price contracts to provide certainty.”
Providing a 90-day defect free guarantee, Kathryn says if there is ever any issue with the building Tuatara will fix it.“We want our clients to have a building that they are proud of and, like the tuatara, will stand the test of time.”
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