Triple R Engineering 2010 Limited: A reliable partner in industry

“With our expertise, experience and dedication to quality and efficiency, our aim is for Triple R Engineering to be a reliable partner for industries seeking sustainable and cost-effective solutions. We do the hard stuff, so our clients can concentrate on the easy stuff.”

Mark Delport, Owner of Triple R Engineering 2010 Limited

In an era where sustainability is crucial, Triple R Engineering stands out as a company committed to creating a better future. With a strong focus on refurbishing clients’ equipment, Triple R Engineering extends the life of plants, minimising the need for new components and reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, transportation and materials.

“Not only does this approach benefit the environment but it also saves clients money and minimises downtime,” says Mark Delport who owns the company with his wife Debbie.

Triple R Engineering specialises in component and plant restoration. The company’s comprehensive range of services includes metal spraying, machining, fabrication, welding, grit abrasive blasting and paint and other surface finishing. Operating from its base located midway between Palmerston North, Feilding and Sanson, Triple R Engineering serves customers across New Zealand from Wellington to New Plymouth, The King Country to Napier and even the South Island.

Mark, a qualified engineer with over 30 years of experience, oversees the overall operation of the business while Debbie manages administrative functions, HR and health and safety. With her responsibilities in employee and resource management, Debbie ensures that the business runs smoothly and maintains a safe work environment for all at Triple R Engineering.

Established in 1981, Triple R Engineering began by providing services to the wood and pulp industry. Over the years the company diversified and now caters to a broad spectrum of heavy industrial and engineering customers. Its service philosophy of ‘Repair, Rework and Rebuild’ remains central to much of the company’s work.

In February 2010, the company transitioned into Triple R Engineering 2010 Limited, following its sale to Mark and Debbie. With approximately 14 staff members, many of whom have been with the company for a considerable time, Triple R Engineering boasts a team with extensive knowledge and experience in general engineering as well as in its clients’ facilities, equipment and needs.

The company actively employs and trains apprentices to pass on expertise, ensuring continuity for customers. Triple R Engineering’s expertise in metal spraying is vital in the refurbishment process.

“As one of the leading specialists in thermal spraying and surface treatments to metal components we keep up with the continuous development of new surface coating processes in order to meet the industry’s appetite for new products and to give engineers a way to repair and protect a wide range of mechanical engineering equipment for longer life, lower manufacturing costs and cost-effective repair instead of expensive replacements,” says Mark.

Thermal metal spray coating involves heating material (in powder or wire form) until it is in a molten state, then propelling it with gas or air to deposit a layer on a receiving component. This process can be repeated many times allowing Triple R Engineering to build several layers to precise specifications.

Common applications for thermal metal spray and surface treatment include repair and reconditioning, anti-corrosion coatings, erosion prevention and insulation. Together with the standard and larger machinery Triple R Engineering has, this gives the company the ability to tackle both small and large components.

“Depending on the customer’s requirements our trained specialists will work in the workshop or on site-spraying a huge variety of different materials,” says Mark. “If you can melt it, we can spray it. Materials include steel, tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, ceramics and plastic composite. From a large industrial plant in remote locations to marine engines at sea, removal of worn components to workshop repairs, our specialist thermal metal spraying experience saves clients money and brings their components back from the dead.”

Manufacturing and fabrication services are also offered, where Triple R Engineering works closely with customers to develop specifications and designs before manufacturing components in a one-stop facility. Triple R Engineering guarantees quality work and provides fast and professional service, often with quick turnaround times, which can be as quick as the same day, says Mark, which again helps reduce machinery downtime for clients, allowing them to resume operations promptly.

“With our expertise, experience and dedication to quality and efficiency, our aim is for Triple R Engineering to be a reliable partner for industries seeking sustainable and cost-effective solutions,” says Mark. “We do the hard stuff, so our clients can concentrate on the easy stuff.”

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