Trigg Construction up for the challenge

Trigg Construction up for the challenge
Calling the shots: from left, Rhy Wasson Trigg construction manager, Bronson Brown project manager, and Grant Pemberton commercial manager.

Marsden Point based commercial construction company Trigg is not a builder but rather a construction partner, says director Darrell Trigg.
“We aim to assist clients from the start of their project to the finish. Early contractor involvement and working with the team from day one speeds up the project, solves problems early and means we can all work together from the outset for the best end result.
“The team at Trigg helps clients manage all facets of the project from scoping, design, cost management, construction, fitout through to handing it over for their use.” The Hundertwasser Arts Centre in Whangarei, which the company is presently working on, is a good example.
“It gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the capability and skill of our team. It’s a once in a lifetime project for any construction company globally and it’s happening right here in Whangarei. We are extremely proud to be a part of it.”
The project involves 72 piles that go down 30 metres to support the structure. The piles are attached to a concrete beam so the weight of the building gets transferred from the floor through the piles to the rock below.
As the building shape mimics the irregular shapes in nature that were a focus for Hundertwasser, the building is being made from poured in-situ concrete. Darrell says this requires a significant amount of skill and planning to get the pour sequences and shapes correct.
“As constructors we are trained to make things straight, plump and square, so that is the challenge – to go against what we usually do,” says Darrell.
Extensive plastering and tiling will complete the building with local experts Bruce Hancock and Carl Sayer leading a large team.
“Patterns must be random and so they will have creative license as to how they lay them,” explains Darrell. “Nothing can look the same as anything else in the building.”
He says Te Kakano (The Seed) building, a small prototype of the proposed project, which demonstrated the techniques that would be used on the main building, has been important to test out how things would work.
Trigg has been operating in the Northland region for over 25 years and was started by Darrell and Marlene Trigg. The aim was to provide an honest building experience for clients.
They say they have always placed an emphasis on local knowledge as understanding the market allows them to achieve exceptional results for their clients.
Darrell says an important part of the success of the company has been to develop strong relationships with a team of local suppliers and subcontractors, many of whom will be working on the Hundertwasser Arts Centre.

Trigg Construction up for the challenge
Ready to go: The Trigg team on site. The Hundertwasser project will involve 72 piles that go down 30 metres to support the structure. The piles are attached to a concrete beam so the weight of the building gets transferred from the floor through the piles to the rock below.

“Being local, these subcontractors and suppliers are able to respond quickly if required and are always able to back up the quality of their products or services. We only use suppliers and contractors who have demonstrated ability in producing results, have proven business and health and safety processes, and work within the team environment in a best-for-project approach,” says Darrell.
The Hundertwasser Arts Centre will be completed by early December 2020 and Darrell is certain it will be the catalyst for huge change for the region.
“For example there was never any talk of cruise ships stopping here in the past, but we now have ships confirmed to visit a month after this project is finished because of this building. The Hundertwasser Arts Centre signals the beginning of generational change and growth for Whangarei and surrounding districts. It is fantastic to be the chosen construction partner enabling that change.”
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