Early input results in quality outcomes – Trigg Construction

“It’s about implementing best practice solutions and improving value and outcomes, without compromising on the client’s original vision.”

Founder, and Managing Director Darrell Trigg

Whangarei business Trigg Construction has built its reputation in the industry by adopting a unique approach to engagement with clients that begins before plans have been finalised.
Founder, and Managing Director Darrell Trigg says this approach leads to the best possible project outcomes.
“I know that early involvement in the design process makes a huge difference and ensures the client gets an outcome better than they would have imagined. We constantly review costings through the design and construction phases,” says Darrell, who is a current director of New Zealand Registered Master Builders Association.
This early involvement provides clients with the opportunity for Trigg Construction to undertake targeted cost analysis, suggest design alternatives, enabling the sourcing of the best value materials and construction methodology.
“It’s about implementing best practice solutions and improving value and outcomes, without compromising on the client’s original vision.”
He leads a tight team of very experienced building professionals, including co-owner Marlene Trigg who takes care of project and company administration, quantity surveyors, project, contract and site managers.
It means Trigg Construction can offer and end to end building experience.
The company has operated for over 25 years and through that journey has evolved into one of the regions major players, focusing especially on commercial projects. The reason its grown from strength to strength sits with its rigorous construction process which begins with sitting with clients at the very beginning and discussing what their project vision is.
“By being involved in this conversation right at the start we are in the best position to add value for the client by helping them clarify their thinking. This gets the project off to the best start and creates strong working relationships. It also means we can extract the greatest value for our clients.”
Once this conversation has been had the team at Trigg Construction produce conceptual designs and costings to further bring the project into form. Every aspect of a build is rigorously assessed and costed before final designs are produced for consent. Throughout construction the contract and project management team continually oversee the build, ensuring that any unforeseen issues, are managed in a way that guarantees the project meets scheduling timelines and remains within its agreed costings.
“We know that this active engagement, constant reviewing and high level of involvement from start to finish often delivers results above what the client expects.”
Trigg Construction was awarded principle contractor to build Whangarei’s Hundertwasser Art Centre and Wairau Māori Art Gallery, something Darrell says he knows came down to their unique tendering approach.
“While the design for this project was basically already set, we brought a strong innovative approach to the table and it was this capability that got us the contract.”
Darrell says that the real value his company brought into this project was just as much about being able to think out of the box and input their expertise as it was the ability to construct.
“What was really great was the level of collaboration that took place between the client, the design team and ourselves. This is a truely unique project which I describe as building an art experience for those who will visit it.”
Hundertwasser (1928 – 2000) was an Austrian-born visual artist who held a deep connection to New Zealand.
His works are regarded world-wide as iconic visual treasures. The building carries massive volumes of concrete and steel, to support its flowing shape while meeting all of today’s seismic and building code standards. It will show-case Hundertwasser’s iconic use of colours, material and forms throughout.
“Structurally, the building is effectively a seven-storey building squashed into two storeys and this needed specialised engineering processes to settle the concrete in place around the steel reinforcing,” says Darrell.
Estimates forecast that direct economic benefit from the project will bring $37million into the region, with a further $26million annually.
“It is great to be building this unique piece of architectural-art and as a local company we feel very privileged to be in this position. I chose to bid for this project to demonstrate there is capability in the regions and because Trigg Construction had the people to pull it off,” says Darrell.

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