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“We try our best to carry this forward and partner up with other small local businesses too.”

Steadfast Joinery founding director Leroy Cunningham.

The future is looking good for Dunedin’s Steadfast Joinery and its niche market of high quality bespoke joinery, designed to transform homes and workplaces and stand the test of time.
“Our industry is now experiencing unprecedented growth.” says Steadfast Joinery founding director Leroy Cunningham.
Having been established in 2017, Steadfast Joinery was already on a steep growth curve before emerging from the level four lockdown at the end of April 2020.
Being stuck at home during lockdown, Kiwis became more familiar with their homes and what they could and should change about them. “It’s quite clear local clients who won’t be travelling due to Coronavirus are choosing to upgrade the spaces they spent most of their time in during lockdown.”
And it’s not just the travel ban that has had a positive effect on New Zealand’s joinery industry. With the price of homes rising more rapidly than ever, people are realising even though they can sell their existing home for a good price, they are going to have to buy again in the same market. “By renovating instead, they can have the home they’ve always wanted and they don’t have to think about packing up and moving. Further to these increases, we are seeing a lot of investment renovations happening too.”
Steadfast Joinery has defied the odds of most during the pandemic, growing its turnover by over 200% in the past six months.
Leroy says it comes as no surprise these clients get a rewarding feeling from supporting a small local business like Steadfast Joinery. “We try our best to carry this forward and partner up with other small local businesses too.”
Steadfast Joinery sources locally where possible, looking first to New Zealand made goods.
All rubbish bin hardware inserts are made in New Zealand, and all steel work, upholstery, glass work, stone, paint, and lacquer are sourced from small Dunedin businesses. Steadfast Joinery works in with reliable local plumbers, electricians, builders, and flooring specialists so the overall project is always completed to a high standard.
With multiple new staff members added to the team since lockdown, the Steadfast Joinery team comprises a number of different industries and backgrounds. Leroy is excited to now provide full concept, design, and colour consultations with the in-house team.
Skilled master craftsmen in the workshop, each with their own specialist skills, allows Steadfast Joinery’s designers a lot of freedom to create and pursue very detailed joinery designs.
Feedback received has given Steadfast Joinery a reputation as the joinery shop that can create the type of joinery that features on Pinterest.
Always conscious of its carbon footprint, Steadfast Joinery is part of the Trees That Count community, and recommends and specialises in the use of timbers from renewable resources. Working alongside eco conscious clients, Steadfast Joinery creates kitchens that are plastic-free, and don’t contain and glues or adhesives with high formaldehyde emissions.
Reusing and recycling occur regularly on Steadfast Joinery projects, with the firm happy to utilise a client’s material such as old flooring planks and convert them into new pieces of furniture and joinery.
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