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Spa that Soothes the Soul

Spa that Soothes the Soul
As golden autumn days give way to the freshness of the Coromandel winter, the crisp bright mornings and mild afternoons bring us to a gentler pace of life - and the time to restore ourselves with a winter escape to nourish body and soul.

With that in mind, a couple of weekends ago, I left Tairua for The Lost Spring in Whitianga on a “daycation”, leaving schedules and devices at the door to catch up with friends, and abandon mundane aff airs for the day.

Driving through the entrance you get the immediate feeling of a secluded paradise.

If you didn’t know it was there behind the tropical gardens of the large estate, you would be unlikely to stumble upon this hidden gem.

The muted sound of running water and the soothing ambient light from the adjacent pool greet you as you enter the reception area.

Plush and luxuriously soft robes and spa slippers are on hand to take you from the changing rooms to the pools.

But first, a detour up the stairs to the Tree Top Day Spa.

These specially-designed luxe bures high in the tropical foliage surrounding the natural thermal pools off er the ultimate in privacy and seclusion and an opportunity to enjoy one of the many spa rituals on offer.

The range of therapies and beauty treatments at The Lost Spring Day Spa is extensive and covers most traditions.

Spa that Soothes the Soul

The “Rainforest Retreat” catches my eye from the delectably-named spa menu items-a combination of a warm oil massage and nourishing facial with the special Pure Fiji natural beauty therapies.

These products are (fittingly) from the South Pacific, crafted from uniquely Fijian plant extracts including deep sea plants, tropical fruits, flowers and nuts.
All smelling as delicious as the softly-scented surrounds.

The large window slides silently down and the watery sounds from the pool below add to the restful white noise as I drift away.

Feeling relaxed and drowsy, it is then downstairs to re-join my companions.

Time for a long soak, a catch up and a poolside cocktail.

The thermal waters of The Lost Spring originating deep below the earth, flow through the connected pools to provide a gradient of temperatures and a bathing warmth for all preferences.

It is easy to find a secluded spot overlooked by other guests where we can catch up and importantly, leave undisturbed the couples and solitary bathers seeking complete tranquility and privacy.

Although submerged to our necks in restorative natural spring water, it is good to rehydrate, and the fruit cocktails and smoothies do the trick.

Whiling away the afternoon is no problem, as time seems to stand still at The Lost Spring.

Spa that Soothes the Soul

Eventually, hunger draws us from the pools, and we have decided to dine at the restaurant for the first time.

We have often enjoyed café meals and tapas by the pool, but it is time to sample the dinner menu.

Two platters keep us engaged sampling the local treats on off er, and as our mains are delivered the reception is animated.

The flavour of the dishes lives up to their spectacular presentation.

Locals had told us The Lost Spring has one of the best kitchens in town, and we were not disappointed.

Between seven of us, we were able to enjoy a good range from the menu, with not one miss.

Plate-sharing is mandatory it seems, as everyone is keen to sample the off erings based on fresh seasonal produce.

Spa that Soothes the Soul

Relaxed, warm and content, we take one last climb to the decks above the pools to photograph (for Instagram, of course) the near full moon against the black-blue sky suspended over a glimmer of azure waters framed by soft fronds now lit from below.

Then off into the cool dark air for the short drive home, wishing we had booked accommodation for the night.

Our two Auckland friends could have come on the ferry for the weekend.

Next time! A mini-break at The Lost Spring will be on the agenda again for this group, for sure.

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