Top quality new builds and renovations

Top quality new builds and renovations
Topline Carpenters specialises in home renovations and re-cladding of residential properties throughout Bay of Plenty.

Experienced builders can save clients money and make clients money, says Ricki Cotter owner of Tauranga based Topline Carpenters. His company has recently completed a new 170sqm three bedroom build in Matua that made an additional $80,000 profit above expectations due to the high quality of the build.
On another project he advised a client of their options re putting in an optional firewall when building a separate dwelling onto their house. It would increase the value when it came time to sell as that way the additional dwelling could be legally rented out separately.
He has also helped clients avoid expensive mistakes, once again saving them significant money.Registered Master Builder Ricki, who offers over 15 years building experience, started Topline Carpenters in 2014 when he headed down to Christchurch to assist with the rebuild.
When the rebuild market slowed he moved his business to Tauranga in 2017. Topline Carpenters specialisesin home renovations and re-cladding of residential properties large and small across the wider Bay of Plenty. The company also takes on select new build projects, mainly for existing clients.
Ricki says leaky homes require solid solutions and homes with weather tightness issues should be remedied by experts. Ricki has personally seen plans approved by a council for a new build that he identifi ed would leak and he was able to save the client this heartache by recommending a better solution.
It is for this reason that Ricki aims to get involved in projects early on so he can work alongside the architect to find the right solution whether it is a leaky home reclad or simply because the client wants to update their home. As Licensed Building Practitioners and Master Builders Ricki and his team carry out and supervise all building jobs from start to finish ensuring quality remains high.
Ricki says Topline Carpenters is able to take on challenging projects due to the high levels of skill his team have in this key area of building.“One client had got four or five different builders in to price their leaky home project but none were will to take it on. “They were relieved we were able to help them,” he says.
Topline Carpenters works with APG Architects on many projects and has developed a strong working relationship. On large projects Topline Carpenters offers a free interior design service through Edin Interior Design. Topline Carpenters can offer the Master Build Guarantee.
At present Topline Carpenters is working on two new builds in Tauranga and is just finishing a large renovation project, which involved gutting the entire interior of the home. Ricki says he and his team thrive on renovation projects.
“We have spent more than a decade doing all sorts of renovations. We have done bathrooms, kitchens, extensions and much more. “New builds are easy, anyone can do them. With a renovation you never know what you’ll find and that’s what I enjoy – the challenge.”
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