Firm busy with Coolpak expansion

Firm busy with Coolpak expansion
Timaru Construction is working on the expansion of Coolpak’s 10,900sqm coolstore facility at the Izone Business Park in Rolleston.

Six months after the completion of its largest project in 12 years of operation, Timaru Construction was back on site at the Izone Business Park in Rolleston, Christchurch, to further expand Coolpak’s 10,900sqm world class cool store facility.
With the cool store completed and operational in June 2018, initial feedback from Coolpak was that it was already filling up and a bigger facility was needed.
Coolpak had the ability to expand on site, and Timaru Construction was called upon mid-December to build an extension to its elevated loading area (ELA).
This will provide more space for Coolpak to unload containers and store containers undercover. The project will be completed by the end of May this year.
“Coolpak is fully operational in Rolleston, so we’ve got to work around their operations, and they are flat out,” says Timaru Construction managing director Graham Cadigan. “We’ve got to isolate areas for Coolpak to access 24/7. Once we finish one area, we cross over to the next.”
Graham says while the main challenge on the two-year build of the facility was meeting the needs of Coolpak and its clients by getting each area finished quickly so it could start operating, this extension project has been challenged by the record temperatures experienced by Christchurch this summer.
Temperatures in Christchurch city rose as high as 36.1 degrees Celsius in late December, breaking the previous December record of 35.4 degrees Celsius, set in 1975.
“Our team of five in Rolleston has regularly been working in 30 degrees Celsius, and on the east side of the building it feels even hotter,” says Graham.
“The ground is so dry, the heat just bounces up off it. We are having to make sure our guys don’t dehydrate, we’re providing plenty of sunblock and sun hats.”
Back in the somewhat cooler climes of Timaru, the Timaru Construction team have been working on three education refurbishment projects over the Christmas holidays, as well as a re-roof at Bluestone School.
Timaru Construction is now finishing an earthquake strengthening project at the historic St Mary’s Anglican Church in central Timaru. Closed for eight months while strengthening was undertaken, the English Gothic Revival building was reopened in September.
Timaru Construction is now working with the project architect on design options for the replacement of the church’s pinnacles. “We’re working together to come up with a suitable solution for the client,” Graham says.
“The whole project is a team exercise, and everyone has feedback into the design. It’s not like a new build where they design and we build. “This is all unknown, you don’t know until you open it up what you’re going to find.”
Timaru Construction has provided a high quality commercial building service to the South Canterbury district for the past 12 years. Originally established by Ross Lund and Lindsay Stowell, Timaru Construction welcomed Graham to the team in 2015.
Timaru Construction is a company of approximately 25 people including four administration staff, six senior foremen, 13 tradesmen, and two apprentices employed at various levels of the programme.
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