Quality fencing gear sold by fencers

Quality fencing gear sold by fencers
Tight Traders sells quality fencing products and combined with sister company Tight Wire Fencing can also do the installation – a one-stop shop for farmers or lifestyle block owners.

Fencing supplies provider Tight Traders has four generations of experience on the fence line to back up the quality of the products it is selling to fencers and farmers all across New Zealand.
Hayley Morton started Tight Traders four years ago, at the same time as she started working for her parents’ fencing business and sister company Tight Wire Fencing.
Owned by Fi and third generation fencer Rex Graham, Tight Wire Fencing started in 2009 and completes rural fencing in and around Taupo.
The company runs seven fencing staff including Rex and Hayley, three tractors with post rammers, and a bulldozer.
“Fencing is in our blood,” Hayley says.
“I started Tight Traders to sell high quality fencing gear that not only lasts longer but makes our job as fencers easier. That’s what I pride myself on is the quality.”
Tight Traders supplies everything to do with fencing from posts to wire to tools.
Hayley is currently looking for a regular round wood supplier, but Tight Traders’ wire products and hardware come from Steel & Tube’s Hurricane range of products.
Hurricane Wire Products has been around for 87 years and is one of New Zealand’s largest manufacturers and distributors of reinforcing, fencing, fence panels, wire, gates, and nail products for use in the primary industries and rural construction sector.
Tight Traders supplies farmers with a one on one service.
Hayley can quote the job up and install it, therefore knows exactly what the farmer needs and has it delivered.
Hayley says the Tight Traders service provides a level of convenience that really gives its customers the peace of mind that their job is being taken care of by a team of professionals.
“A lot of the time we will end up doing the fencing job as well,” she says.
“Tight Traders supplies the product, then Tight Wire installs it. We can do a supply and install metre rate which is 100% easier for the customer.”
And with Tight Traders there on the fence line, if there is a problem with a product, it can be deal with it straight away, first hand, with no charge to the customer.
The collaboration with Tight Wire Fencing also allows Tight Traders to make bulk orders.
For example, a 200m roll of deer fencing compared to a 100m roll can save half the labour cost for Tight Wire Fencing.
A 200m roll is very heavy, but Tight Wire Fencing has a winch on the netting trailer and the tractors to manoeuvre these rolls around.
“We’ve got the gear to handle it,” Hayley says.
Hayley is living and breathing fencing, working full-time on the fence line as well as running Tight Traders, so before she sells any fencing products through Tight Traders, she tests them out personally.
“I’ll put a new product on to a fence, have a play around with it, do all the knots with it, and make sure it’s high quality so I can stand behind it myself.”
Hayley is currently running Tight Traders from home, and has stock on hand. She plans to grow Tight Traders to a point where she can get off the fence line and on to the road with Tight Traders, then open up a retail shop once it’s big enough to support itself.
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