Grand design sets the standard

Grand design sets the standard
Built on a sand dune at Brighton Beach, Dunedin, the home has two fully triple glazed, gabled ends which draw in sun and views.

When Zac Williams built architect Regan Johnston’s award-winning, self-designed crib on the Taeri Mouth in 2013, he liked the result so much he had to have one for himself.
Zac says Regan is at the forefront of designing beautiful homes.
And just like Regan’s crib, Zac’s new home has won accolades.
Zac’s company Third Little Pig Homes took out the gold and category win in the Builders Own Home category of the Southern Registered Master Builders 2019 House of the Year competition.
Glazing supplier Vistalite Otago took home a residential design award from the Window and Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ) 2019 awards.
Regan took home a housing award from the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) Southern Architecture Awards.
The build featured on Grand Designs NZ last year.
Zac’s home, built on a sand dune at Brighton Beach, Dunedin, is a larger, two bedroom version of Regan’s crib, with two fully triple glazed, gabled ends which draw in sun and views.
The smaller pavilion contains the master bedroom, walk in wardrobe, and en suite, the larger pavilion holds the kitchen, living area, with a second bedroom tucked in behind a mezzanine lounge.
The two pavilions are connected by a fully glazed transition space and a central deck.
Sliders leading to the deck open up the whole house, extending the footprint of the home, and are one of Zac’s favourite parts of his new home.
Zac built his new home in his spare time. His day job had him building a much larger home further along the beach for his mum.
At the end of each day, he would carry his tools up to his own site in a wheelbarrow.
“The subcontractors probably liked it more, because there was only ever one subtrade there at one time,” Zac says.
“They always had a free run of the site without the builder being there either.”
Third Little Pig Homes stands for the best, strongest, safest, warmest, healthiest homes it is possible to build.
Zac’s new home has a log burner, but it is for aesthetics rather than heating and the centrepiece of the downstairs living space, which incidentally features no television.
Mid-winter, Zac is sitting in front of the fire with the sliding doors open.
“It feels like a bach or a beach house in many ways.”
Zac says he loves the fact that people like the work Third Little Pig Homes is doing, and the exposure this house has received has generated a lot of interest.
“People are wanting to come to me for building consultancy before they go to an architect, to talk about what they can do and where they should go for a designer, where the builder is generally the person that comes after they’ve bought a section and found an architect.
They might like aspects of my place, the glazing, the ceilings, the aluminium cladding.
They might have a section on the beach and they can see a comparison.
I’ve become a face for people to approach and talk about housing, which I don’t mind. People want me to steer them in the right direction and I’m happy to talk to people.
Lots of people don’t know whether to go to a draughtsman, or an architect, or a group home company. They all have a good standard of building.”
Zac says Dunedin is currently in a building boom, lots of interesting houses are being designed and that interests him.
He is keen to get more involved in interesting builds and is drawn to building the same type of home he has.
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