Switchbuild prioritises team growth and clients’ success

Switchbuild offers a wide range of electrical services to central and local governments and end-users not only in New Zealand but worldwide.

From its headquarters in Dunedin, specialist switchboard builder and system integrator Switchbuild has been steadily building a reputation for delivering solutions to meet clients’ needs since 1976. Company general manager Michael Cumming says that the company’s success has been founded on aiming to make things easy for clients and delivering practical, cost-effective solutions, which has led to long-term relationships and repeat business.

“We offer technical ability and dedication to our clients, which has resulted in trust. That’s allowed us to grow as our clients have grown.” He says this has enabled Switchbuild to establish a presence as an industry leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of power distribution boards, motor control centres and automatic control. It is a system integrator for all major programmable logic controllers (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Over the years, Switchbuild has offered a wide range of electrical services to central and local governments, end-users and original equipment manufacturers not only in New Zealand but also across the world. For example, Switchbuild’s design skill and manufacturing capabilities were to the fore in responding to the devastation resulting from Cyclone Gabrielle, and it has recently completed the electrical design, switchboard and control station manufacture, process control programming and site commissioning for Central Otago Water Scheme’s.

Michael says the Switchbuild team numbering around 45 is a big part of its success and allows the company to work for a range of commercial and industrial clients. “Switchbuild is a proud local employer and is committed to the development of the industry and region by providing training and employment opportunities,” he says.

“We plan to continue to grow and evolve to meet our clients’ needs. If our clients are successful then so are we.”

The team includes qualified electricians, apprentices, electrical design, draftspeople, project managers, IT engineers and programmers. Michael says this gives a wealth of experience to draw upon with many employees having worked in excess of 15 years for the company. Apprentices also play an important role, and Switchbuild is dedicated to providing opportunities.

With a strong focus on staff development, this has provided in-house opportunities for people to advance their careers. “Training is regularly undertaken as new developments and techniques become available. Switchbuild runs specific in-house training or attends certified courses when necessary to keep abreast of new switchboard enhancements, standards, automation developments, programming platforms and hardware,” explains Michael.

At the heart of Switchbuild’s success lies its collaborative approach. “We understand that success isn’t achieved in isolation but through meaningful partnerships. By working closely with clients, contractors and service providers, Switchbuild ensures that every project is a collective success, resulting in innovative outcomes that stand the test of time.”

Switchbuild not only comes up with initial solutions for clients but also provides ongoing technical support. It is a member of the Master Electricians (Otago Branch), on the local committee and the National Presidents Advisory Board. Michael says these forums are invaluable in keeping up to date with local and national industry trends and regulatory requirements and in helping to shape the direction of the electrical industry.

Michael says that Switchbuild’s journey started with a simple yet powerful ethos – to support local businesses, something it still stands by today. “We plan to continue to grow and evolve to meet our clients’ needs. If our clients are successful then so are we. Switchbuild aims to not just shape the landscape of the electrical industry but also pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for Dunedin and beyond.”

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