Recognition for thriving business

Recognition for thriving business
Solar installation is one of many services offered by Summit Electrical.

An awesome group of people, working together as a team and striving to be the best has earned Summit Electrical the emerging business category at the Master Electricians Excellence Awards 2019.
Summit Electrical business owner Todd Cowan says his loyal and supportive clients and the opportunities they present have also contributed to the company’s success. The awards were judged on different aspects of the business including business structure, growth and development, staff management, customer service, and health and safety.
Todd believes Summit Electrical is ‘probably a little bit innovative’ in both its management and the solutions it provides for its clients. This includes the use of software making Summit Electrical basically a paperless business.
“We do use modern technology but we’ve also got old school principles around customer service which we instil into all of our staff,” Todd says.
Summit Electrical is committed to staff engagement and as a modern business, works hard to accommodate the family commitments of staff with working partners. “If our staff are happy, it flows on and they keep our clients happy too.”
Staff have also been engaged in the development of Summit Electrical’s comprehensive customised health and safety policy. “How we implement our health and safety policy is by getting our staff to buy in and take some responsibility.
“We don’t have one member of staff responsible for health and safety, it is part of everyone’s job. And instead of a generic plan or policy, we’ve gone to the next level to make sure what we develop is specific to how Summit Electrical operates.”
Summit Electrical’s health and safety policy includes aspects of the job the staff have identified as potential hazards. With a staff of 14 operating out of Whanganui, Waverley, and Taihape, and its involvement in the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors, Summit Electrical does a lot of work remotely and out of cell phone range.
Part of its health and safety policy has any staff heading to a remote location logging in with the office before they leave and what time they should be expected back.
“We’ve got a pretty good record with our health and safety, and part of that is we’ve actually got that buy in from the guys because we’ve used their ideas and their views.”
Staff retention is also facilitated by the variety of work they do. Todd doesn’t run a domestic crew and an industrial crew, instead he mixes the teams up for their own development and interest.
For trainees and apprentices, he says this approach gives them a good grounding in as many areas of the electrical industry as possible, and creates good quality electricians. He says no one in the electrical industry ever stops learning, because new technology is being developed all the time.
Summit Electrical invests significant time and money into upskilling its staff so it always has the knowledge and the qualifications to be able to provide the most effective solutions for its customers.
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