Community focus for sharemilking brothers

Community focus for sharemilking brothers
Sumit Kamboj, Manoj (holding (Avni ) and Sunita Rani on new share milking farm.

Community is an important aspect of Sumit Kamboj and brother Manoj Kumar’s farming business.
Based in Pahiatua the brothers say they have appreciated the assistance of locals since they moved to New Zealand from India.
Now they want to give back with both planning on becoming voluntary fire fighters and Sumit, along with their assistant farm manager, their cousin Amit Kamboj, already volunteering at the local cinema.
“Pahiatua is an amazing and helpful community. People have helped us a lot and many farmers have become like mentors,” says Sumit. The brothers grew up on a dairy farm in India.
Sumit arrived in New Zealand in 2011 to complete his studies in a diploma of business management in Tauranga.
Manoj was already working for Andrew and Monika Arbuthnott, who own several farms in Pahiatua.
The brothers’ goal was always to work together so after finishing his studies Sumit got a job as a farm assistant with the Arbuthnotts.
In one year he was promoted to assistant herd manager then a year later to manager of the Arbuthnott’s 97ha effective/110ha total unit milking a herd of 290 friesian and crossbred cows.
Manoj was a 50:50 sharemilker on this farm and was also contract milking on two of the other Arbuthnotts’ farms located nearby.
The brothers are continuing to grow their business and have just taken on an additional 50:50 sharemilking position on a 165ha unit where they will milk 480 cows.
This will see Sumit move to Karen Phelpsthis farm and the brothers will employ a manager to take over Sumit’s role on the Arbuthnotts’ 110ha farm.
The brothers’ family business, which also includes their parents, is called Mirok Farm Limited and it operates all the contracts.
They now employ around 10 staff and Sumit will take a greater role in staff training and health and safety management.
Sumit says one focus of their business to increase production is on quality pasture.
They keep a close eye on residuals with weekly farm walks then inputting the data into a feed programme.
They top ahead of the cows to keep quality high and break feed for greater control.

Community focus for sharemilking brothers
Hiren Patel (2IC ) and Kirpal Singh (farm assistant ) on Sumit Kamboj and Manoj Kumar’s new farm sharemilking 480 cows..

They replace around 7-8% of the pasture each year focusing on new species with Sumit keen to try plantain mixed in with grasses next season.
Supplement is matched to feed requirements to ensure cows are fully fed at all times to keep body condition scores high.
They conduct a couple of blood tests on the herd each year to monitor mineral levels so they can supplement accurately.
Sumit and his brother meet with the Arbuthnotts monthly to determine feed needs so the correct amount can be ordered ahead.
Production last season was 124,000 kilograms of milk solids and this season’s target is 136,000 kilograms.
They plan to lease a run off block in the next year or two in order to winter their cows and rear calves to give them greater control.
Their long-term goal is an equity partnership and to purchase a 400 cow dairy farm within the next four to five years
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