Quality work keeps firm at the front

Quality work keeps firm at the front
Sub Surface Drilling and Civil’s new hydro truck will be put to use for hydro excavation services and trenching work. The new hydro unit will also specialise in effl uent removal with its large capacity utilising its large six inch boom.

North Canterbury-based, Sub Surface Drilling and Civil Ltd has spent the last 18 years specialising in the underground movement – experts in both trenchless and open cut industries.
“Our expertise is anything in the trenchless industry from thrusting a 20mm water pipe to a 110mm power duct, pipe cracking existing sewers from clay tile to reinforced concrete, and pipe ramming steel casings – anything from 160mm to 1200mm,” says Deane ‘Herb’ Herbert, the company’s founder and managing director.
Herb says in the last 3-4 years the company has undertaken a lot more open cut trenching and civil works.
“We’ll undertake anything really – be it storm water works, water main works, power, telecommunications, driveway preparation – anything we can put our hand to.”
Established in 2000 to provide an holistic ‘onestop-shop’ solution for customers seeking solutions for drilling work, trenching work and polyethylene (PE) work – including welding – the business has maintained a loyal group of customers throughout.
Operating both yard and office from Clarkville, just two minutes from Kaiapoi, the business works throughout North Canterbury, spreading to Kaikoura, the West Coast, Ashburton, Hanmer and Akaroa. Herb says that some of the more specialist installs could be South Island-wide.
“Some of the work like the pipe ramming work is specialised and there are not many of us around who can do the big 1200mm diameters successfully.”
Herb says that while health and safety and quality control demands have increased management levels, the core staff has remained consistent at around 15, many of whom have been with the company for 6 or 7 years.
“The guys working for us are a real part of the business. It’s like a big extended family really – they are all good people and obviously enjoy working for a good company – we have high standards.
“We’re not the biggest company around by any means but what we do is done right.”
Communication is a word that is mentioned daily within the company, reinforcing standards, quality control and doing things by the book.
Sub Surface Drilling and Civil has recently completed 4-month contract for Downers on the Central Plains Irrigation project, installing steel casings from 400mm through to 1219mm in diameter, a project that Herb says went particularly well.
“We have recently won a project through Isaacs Construction with the Waimakariri District Council, directional drilling and installing a 450mm PE pipe water main.”
The company has also been heavily involved with the Christchurch City Council and Fulton Hogan over the last 18 months doing both trenchless installs and open cut trenching under the new inner city cycle ways.
PE and electro-fusion welding, along with ground penetrating radar work to locate underground services are also areas of specialty. A brand new hydro truck, fresh from the paint shop will shortly be put to use for hydro excavation services and trenching work.
The new hydro unit will also specialise in effluent removal with its large capacity utilising its large six inch boom. Asked about the company’s point of difference, Herb is clear.
“Being hands on and dealing with the clients is a big point of difference for us. “I deal with our clients on a day-to-day basis and on a personal basis.
“You know – even me being the managing director, I can hop on a digger or hop in a truck or get on a shovel and that goes for anyone in the company.”
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