Homes perfectly suited to urban living

Homes perfectly suited to urban living
Stonewood Homes Christchurch offer a full range of designs to suit individual needs and budgets.

Award-winning, national new home design and build company, Stonewood Homes, has kicked off 2019 fast and furious at Faringdon, with works starting on site on six new homes, in January and February, in the recently titled Faringdon Courts.
Stonewood Homes has had a working relationship with Faringdon’s developer Hughes Developments Limited since the inception of Faringdon; the two companies working together progressively building new homes in the subdivision over the past five years.
“Faringdon is a subdivision which takes care in planning good urban development outcomes,” says Stonewood Homes’ director, James Parker.
“There are a large amount of public and open spaces which make it an attractive living environment.”
In the heart of Rolleston, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing towns with a population of around 17,000 set to grow to more than 26,000 within a decade, Faringdon offers Stonewood Homes an opportunity to present its clients with affordable options as well as larger sections suitable for higher specified homes.
“House and land packages in Faringdon are selling for $500,000 to $550,000, which are great for the first home buyers who are a large percentage of the people buying in Rolleston.
They are good for investors, with rentals also being in high demand in Faringdon. Some areas of Faringdon have larger sections and allow for larger homes, there is something for everyone.”
Stonewood Homes’ fourth Faringdon show home is now under concept design and will be located in the development’s latest stage, the Borough.
“It will be a large, highly specified family home, with high quality materials reflecting our brand, our position in the market, and what we generally build on a day to day basis,” James says.
Stonewood Homes offers tailor designed and built homes which suit each of its clients’ needs. “We have a full range of designs which can really give our clients what they want while working to their budget. “It’s the client engagement that makes us slightly different.
“We take our clients on a journey, starting from what was an idea to delivering them the keys at the end, with good communication throughout.”
Stonewood Christchurch is locally owned and operated, by two directors who both work in a business every day,” he says.
“We are a small core team of 10 which helps us to deliver a good client journey, and a good product in a timely manner. “Our supply chain are our partners, and we work together to achieve successful results.”
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