Family firm delivering with aviation services

Family fi rm delivering with aviation services

From bases at Whangarei, Warkworth, and Thames, family-run Skywork Helicopters provides a variety of aviation services to the surrounding regions. Skywork Helicopters is managed and operated by people who are passionate about the aviation industry and each contribute to the successful delivery of helicopter services to its customers.
Skywork was established in 1997 by Roger and Miriam Stevenson, a commercial pilot and chartered accountant husband/wife combination, to offer a range of high precision piloting skills acquired from more than 30 years in the aviation industry.
Roger had followed his father Neville into the industry, and now Roger’s son Greg, who shares his father’s passion for flying, is following him as Skywork Helicopters’ business manager and pilot.
“Our mission is to continually excel in the provision of aerial solutions,” Greg says. He says helicopters are an “efficient and costeffective option” when shifting people or goods, “particularly on the diverse terrain and remote locations that varying projects require throughout New Zealand”.
One of Skywork’s specialist work sectors is the agricultural/forestry industry. Greg says the company has developed its associated systems immensely for this work, from when it first commenced business.
The company’s agricultural/forestry equipment now includes controlled fl ow meters, anti-drift booms, and satellite navigation for precision and optimum application of agrichemical solutions.
“These systems include technology and specialised plant to mitigate the impact on the environment and efficiencies to deliver a timely service ensure other forestry activities can meet their deadlines.”
Greg says this work also requires rigorous and effi cient planning to make the most of favourable weather conditions, in what can be a testing environment to work in.
“We can experience four seasons in one day here in Northland, due to the narrow land mass between coasts that such a coastal landscape presents.”
Skywork Helicopters also provides an emergency response system for a diverse number of emergency related services in the Northland region – including search and rescue, power outages, and fi re call outs.
Greg says this service requires a highly organised business infrastructure and a dedicated and focused team. “We have an aircraft and pilot ready to immediately respond 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
“All our pilots have the capability to perform to the exacting standard required by these services,” Greg says.
“The risks are high, so management and pilots need to ensure the very highest of safety standards.”
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