Scott’s team has plenty on in Wanganui

Scott’s team has plenty on in Wanganui
SJP Builders is familiar with building on tricky hill sites.

Wanganui builder Scott Pedley has spent half his life in the building trade and three years ago took the step of opening his own business SJP Builders Ltd.
“I left school at 16 and went straight into building. Best thing I ever did because I love carpentry work and now, with a small team of passionate builders we’ve got enough work on to keep us busy.”
Scott has an apprentice on board who started with him when he left school.
“He’s doing very well and is into his second year. When someone is keen and proves themselves then it’s well worth taking them through their qualifications.”
When Business Central spoke with Scott three projects were underway, two GJ Gardner Homes and a private residence for the Bernards.
“We have just had the roof shout at the Bernard’s home.”
While the house isn’t massive in size it has several features to its structural design that have made the build interesting.
Scott says it has been well designed.
“The roof has three gables with hips and valleys and there was a lot of careful planning to settle the house in the right position given the flat building area was created from a hilly site.”
Large concrete piles with steel bars support the house on the side facing the road.
Work began February 11, and Scott expects the home will be completed in four months.
“We’ve pretty much done the bulk of the hard work and we’re in the process of wrapping the home up.
“Once this has been completed we’ll get under-way with the cladding which is half weather-board and half Rockcote plaster.”
A challenging pool project started just before Xmas and went very well.
Scott describes building the foundations for the pool to be settled on as a ‘good brain tester’.
“We were working on a sloping site. The fibreglass custom made pool sits on a carefully constructed foundation. The $80,000 pool holds 32,000 litres of water and was brought over from Australia. We had to get the substrate spot on.”
Scott and the team not only secured the pool’s resting place but also built an extensive deck around shifting soil and clay in order to build a retaining wall.
Adding glass balustrading completed the pool project.
“I think it looks really great. We got the substrate to within 5mm of level packing together various grades of sharp rock and crusher dust.”
Looking ahead with almost a third of the busy year ticked off Scott says the rest of this year and into early 2020 is booked up with 2 ½ months of farm work scheduled to start when the houses are completed.
The farm work includes fencing, gates, and replacing rotten decking and timber.
“When we need to we work together on a big build, but for smaller jobs such as bathroom renovations I split the four of us up into two teams of two, with the foreman and the apprentice working together and me and the labourer. It works well and it is good to have a variety of projects, especially for those young ones starting out.”
Scott is looking forward to welcoming another aspiring builder into the team.
His philosophy as an employer is both sensible and practical.
“If they keep to a consistent steady pace and maintain quality at all times then I’m happy.
“I set goals as to where I want to be on a project by the end of the day and the week etc. It’s an approach that works well with the team.”
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