Unique solution to housing affordability

Unique solution to housing affordability
Shared Living Solutions has various housing options on the market in the Tauranga market.

Tauranga-based building company Shared Living Solutions has a unique offering, which enables people to buy a brand new house in a prime neighbourhood by sharing the cost with family or friends.
Company owner Reagan Douglas says he noticed over a decade ago that Tauranga’s housing market was taking off and would quickly become unaffordable for the average person.
This led him to come up with his tailored solution for first home buyers, extended family and other unique Shared Living Solutions that aren’t currently being catered to.
“Our clients are savvy people who don’t want to waste money on rent and still want a nice home in the area they prefer.
“They come from all walks of life from first home buyers and extended family to situations where people might have a dependent relative that needs to be cared for in their home and need an attached fl at for a caregiver to baby boomers that want their own separate spaces in a home,” he says.
The company’s new show home called The Lakehouse located at The Lakes, due to open later this year, will be a good example of what Shared Living Solutions is all about.
The three-bedroom home will come with a one bedroom self contained fl at with its own kitchen and ensuite bathroom.
Laundry facilities will be shared and there will be a double garage. The main home will offer a large kitchen and generous outdoor living area.
The Cape Cod style home will be clad in Linea weatherboard for timeless elegance, says Reagan. He says privacy and comfort are a prerogative in designing for two sets of residents or owners.
Shared Living Solutions has come up with various designs including a large home with two master bedrooms and two living rooms suitable for two people to live together yet maintain their own space and privacy as well as options with a self contained attached flat.
Reagan’s legal team have developed a Property Sharing Agreement for multiple owners in situations where family or two friends may want to share a home.
The model can also be used for those wanting to reduce mortgage payments more quickly, for example a home owner wanting to put a border in the attached flat, and Reagan says this can help people to secure a mortgage as banks love the fact there is an additional income stream.
Shared Living Solutions also builds other types of homes for clients who do not need a shared home, and people can come with their own plans and land or Shared Living Solutions can assist with this part of the process.
The company also builds light commercial projects and has just completed an office and workshop fit-out at The Lakes. As members of New Zealand Certified Builders customers have the assurance of the Halo guarantee.
Reagan was born and bred in Tauranga and offers his clients over 30 years building experience. His uncle Jack Cook was also a local builder for 40 years and it was his influence that saw Reagan follow in his footsteps.
Reagan has seen Tauranga change rapidly over recent years and Shared Living Solutions currently has multiple sites in Tauranga ready to build on and deliver the high quality homes that his customers desire.
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