RPC chalks up another success

RPC chalks up another success
Hampton ITM’s new and refurbished Ferry Road buildings.

A collaborative approach and willingness to work in with customers has been the hallmark of success for Christchurch firm RPC Construction; an approach which has seen the successful completion of Hampton ITM’s new and refurbished Ferry Road buildings.
The project focused on existing buildings that had been damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes and which had undergone temporary repairs.
After a lengthy redevelopment planning stage, a number of contractors, including RPC Construction, were invited to submit tenders with RPC winning both on price and construction methodology.
The project involved the demolition of a timber store that ran from Ferry Road, the seismic strengthening and signifi cant refurbishment of the showroom and adjoining bulk materials storeroom extending right through to Leeds Street.
Separating the timber store and showroom is a large customer drive through area.
Russel Pitt, RPC managing director, explains that a key project challenge was enabling ITM to keep trading the whole way through the project, requiring a willingness for all parties to work in together and good communication.
With demolition work commencing July 2017, the project structure was a staged handover as each section was completed, with final completion in December 2018.
Replacing the old timber store, a modern purpose built single-storey store enables all timber to be stored inside the lockable building.
“There’s now no outside storage,” says Russel. “The benefi t is not only security but also protection from both rain and sun, meaning a better product for the customer.” The storeroom also has large roller doors all the way down the side of the building facing the drivethrough.
“That gives the forklift drivers almost unlimited access in and out of the building when ferrying materials to customers waiting in the drive- through.”
Seismic strengthening to the existing showroom and bulk material storeroom in the other side of the drive through meant digging up the floor and excavating a metre into the ground.
“We then had to compact a gravel raft, lay Geogrid and pour a new floor with additional column tie beams, to bring the main structure up to 100% of NBS (New Building Standard).
“We also undertook signifi cant refurbishment and fit-out of the show room area including shop front and the upstairs mezzanine area, which includes office space.”
Capacity of the bulk materials storeroom has been increased by extending the structure right through to Leeds Street.
Russel says the construction team,which included architect Simon Thomas, structural engineer Dick Sutherland, RPC project manager Daniel Trenberth, ITM storeowner David Fleming and his PA Carolyn Litt, worked very well together ensuring a very smooth operation.
“That team relationship is so important because there are always questions to resolve, particularly when you’re dealing with an existing building where there are things you don’t know till you open it up.”
Established in 2005 and based in Christchurch, RPC Construction operates predominantly around the Christchurch area with a few projects stretching beyond the town.
“We do a little bit of residential work, but the bulk of our work is medium size commercial – anything from fi xing a door for an existing client to $5 million dollar projects.”
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