Focus on affordable homes more than just business for pair

Focus on affordable homes more than just business for pair
Rose Built Homes’ owners Ryan Butler and Kyle Pane say they understand how hard it is for people to get into their fi rst homes and aim to help by offering affordable house and land packages. The company has attracted 20 new clients this year.

Marlborough’s fastest growing residential building company Rose Built Homes is continuing to give the market what it wants with three affordable house and land packages recently sold at Omaka Landing, and starting construction on another one at Omaka Landing and two at Taylor Pass.
Rose Built Homes’ owners Kyle Payne and Ryan Butler say while affordable, and coming in around $60,000 cheaper than the competition, their house and land packages are very well specced, with Fisher and Paykel appliances throughout and completely ready to live in.
“We sell our house and land packages on build cost rather than market value,” Kyle says.
“A lot of our competitors will sell house and land packages at what it would cost on the open market, whereas we sell them on what it costs us to purchase the land and build the house. It’s a unique way of doing it, but it means we are making money and getting the projects, and we’re getting them affordable.”
Their focus on affordable housing comes from Kyle and Ryan’s backgrounds, both saying they didn’t come from much, they know how hard it is for people to get into their first home, and they want to help.
“When times are good in the construction industry like they are now, you can make a lot of money, but when the market goes down again it hurts you. We don’t want to put the prices up in the good times, and when times are bad we want people to remember we were the ones that were competitive the whole time.”
Rose Built Homes has been in business for a year, and is growing substantially, having picked up 20 new clients this year alone.
“A lot of people didn’t expect us to do what we did. In Marlborough a lot of our competition is from older guys and the mentality is you can’t be successful if you don’t buy a franchise. We’ve proven everyone wrong 10 times over. We’re building a successful and sustainable brand, and we’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished.”
Enquiries are coming in thick and fast at Rose Built Homes with three to four a week, and half of them going into design phase. Rose Built Homes uses local designer Jason Anderson who designs both house and land packages and custom designed homes for clients.
“We don’t run off a plan book, we design each home for its section and the client’s requirements.”
Just like Rose Built Homes house and land packages, its builds for clients are also affordable. “Our square metre rate is one of the best in town,” he says.
Focus on affordable homes more than just business for pair
“Our emphasis is on customer service, I’m the one who answers the phone and clients can call at any time. When we get an email, we don’t leave it until the next business day. We include a lot for your money in our builds. We really try to cram a lot into our packages and our client builds.”
Kyle says now is a great time to be in business in Marlborough, and he and Ryan have plans to expand around the South Island.
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