Training a key focus for RANZ

Training a key focus for RANZ
RANZ’s strategic plan has identified the need for a dedicated roofing school to train new recruits.

The Roofing Association of New Zealand’s strategic plan has highlighted training and branding as two areas for the industry body to work on as it continues its commitment to the professionalism and education of its members.
The Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) has already made great headway in the past 12 months with its hard lobbying resulting in roofing being placed back on Immigration New Zealand’ Essential Skills in Demand List in December.
RANZ CEO Graham Moor says roofing is struggling the same as all other industries to get skilled staff, and while getting back on the Essential Skills in Demand List was necessary, it won’t solve the problem straight away.
“We can have a lag of six to 12 months after bringing someone in to the point where they first swing a hammer,” he says.  RANZ is also looking closer to home for new recruits and its strategic plan has identified the need for a dedicated roofing school.
“For a school to come off, we’ve got to find the talent to put into it,” Graham says.
“Myself and our training committee have spent a lot of time and effort identifying opportunities to get the people we want.
In June we started a polytechnic promotion, getting in front of people to see what interest we’ve got.”
RANZ is working on qualification development to keep training in line with the evolution of roofing as a skilled, specialist, regulated trade as innovative architectural designs and new and different roof systems are introduced into the New Zealand market.
“Skills are measured by credits, and these cred-its are now going to line up with the other specialist trades,” Graham says.
“We’re very much pushing for people to under-stand roofing is a trade with real credibility and professionalism attached to it.”
He says the roofing trade hasn’t promoted itself well over the years so the second part of RANZ’s strategic plan is all around branding.
“We have engaged a new editor and marketing manager, Tracey Evington, because we’ve realised we need to be much better at putting our trade out there.”
A major focus for RANZ is teaching members new ways to recruit and engage their young staff, encouraging them to think differently and treat staff differently than they had been in their early days in the industry.
“You’ve got to treat today’s staff differently,” he says.
“You’ve got to put your arm around them and take them on a journey.
“Discipline in the workplace has to be overridden by a culture of professionalism.
“We are starting to see some roofing companies step back, take a good look at what they do, and come up with better ways of rewarding and engaging their people.”
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