Above-spec homes value for money

Above-spec homes value for money
Papamoe based R and R Homes focus on building Monopitched homes with high standards of specification that offer value for money.

Russell and Rebecca Thompson run a familyfocussed successful home building business based in Papamoa.
Rather than building a specific home for clients, which is something Russell has done in the past, their focus is now to acquire land, build a home they have designed, then find a buyer for it once it is completed.
So far, 20 homes have been built and sold in the rapidly expanding Papamoa area, south of Mount Maunganui.
“We decided to set the bench-mark high with the standard of specification we build to and also to concentrate on mono-pitched homes that are beautifully appointed, with special features,” Russell explains.
For home-owners, removing the stress that comes from experiencing a build and for Russell and Rebecca and their team to build homes they love seems to be the perfect way to strategise a business.
Russell says that he has developed building systems that enable him to build above spec homes yet still deliver value for money to buyers.
“When they buy one of our homes it is often the home in the street that really stands out yet in terms of the cost to buy, is the same as more standard-built homes.”
Offering stud heights in most of the living spaces in a home of between 3.6m to 4.5m and by adding windows to this loft means that a lot more light and warmth can come into the home.
“You immediately feel you are in a larger space that the actual floor foot-print because there’s so much room above your head.”
He selects from a range of cladding systems but enjoys using a mixture of stria and timber weather-board, Russell describes as tried and true.
While building activity has slowed in pace Russell says he’s happy with the level of building his company undertakes in any given time.
The couple moved from Auckland to Papamoa, a community they fell in love with, in January 2014.
Both Russell and Rebecca are very community and family focussed and enjoy all the benefits of great schools, safe neighbours and a healthy environment in which to bring up their children.
When Business North spoke with Russell he had three apprentices along with two qualified carpenters on his books.
When work is especially busy, he is also able to contract in to maintain building efficiently. The couple live in the same area many of their homes have been built in.
For Russell that’s a special feeling to know that the families that buy one of their homes are enjoying the same benefits he, Rebecca and the children do.
One four- bedroom home recently sold at 10 Pimelia Street, The Coast, 8km south of Mount Maunganui and only 12 km from Tauranga is a classic example of what the couple have been able to achieve. On the market at $850,000 the home was listed on a Tuesday and sold on the Friday.
“It simply out-performed other homes in the street in key areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms and high raked ceilings in the living room.”
With a background as a project manager for a large-scale construction company in Auckland Russell says he’s seen first-hand just how stressful undertaking builds for clients can be.
“We think we’re on a win-win with the way we operate. There’s no risk at all for the person who buys the home because we’ve invested our money into the build.
“I would say we rate above all other house and land packages on offer in the area.” It’s a busy time ahead on the home-front as well as the couple prepare to build their new home on a beach-front section.
“It’s a good time for us to really put our roots down to this area we’re committed to and meanwhile we will continue to build stunning homes for others to enjoy.”
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