QBS – aiming for the top in Auckland

QBS - aiming for the top in Auckland
QBS has completed a number of luxury homes in Auckland, that showcase the company’s construction capabilities.

Auckland building company QBS Ltd has its sights set on being the leading high-end residential construction company in the city.
Company director Troy Jury says QBS Ltd is already working on a number of luxury homes in the city that will showcase the company’s capabilities including a $20m plus new home build in Herne Bay.
Designed by Delamare Architects, the home is perched on the waterfront meaning the team at QBS Ltd has had to work in exposed conditions.
Combined with tight site access the project has really demonstrated the skill and determination of the team to deliver to the client’s expectations no matter what the project, says Troy.
Made from steel and concrete, the project will take around two years to complete and include an indoor swimming pool and wine cellar made from recycled heritage bricks.
The QBS Ltd team is also working on two multi million dollar projects in Mission Bay.
A new home build located on the slopes above the suburb comprises four levels and is construct-ed from cedar, masonry and glass.
Retaining walls had to be built on three sides of the site and extensive foundation work was required including removing over 300 truckloads of soil from the site.
The second project is an existing home that QBS Ltd is stripping and completely refurbishing. The four level home steps down the hillside.

QBS - aiming for the top in Auckland
QBS Ltd takes on new builds, renovations, light commercial projects and fitouts.

Troy started his company in 2007, starting initially with small projects before building up to the team of around 30 builders plus office staff he employs today.
It was being involved in television programme The Block in 2014 and 2015 that saw the company gain huge exposure.
Troy says that this has resulted in a tightknit team who really knows how to work under pres-sure to deliver results.
Troy says that QBS Ltd is supported by a loyal team of over 60 sub-contractors.
In addition QBS Ltd utilises the latest accounting and technology tools available including online client portals for schedules, tracking, file management, and project messaging.
QBS Ltd takes on new builds, renovations, light commercial projects and fitouts.
A new sister company has just been started called QBS Interiors which specialises in fixing, stopping and painting, steel stud work, interior design and fi tout packages.
“We used to contract this work out but by bringing it in house it will allow us to have even greater control over timing and quality of projects,” explains Troy.
He says a key point of difference is that QBS Ltd takes pride in its work from beginning to end including maintaining a tidy and safe worksite at all times.
QBS Ltd is a member of New Zealand Certified Builders, Site Safe and Hazardco.
Troy says his vision for QBS in the future is to take on as many of the most difficult renovations or new builds as possible showcasing the company’s capability to deliver extremely high end results no matter what the project.
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