Repeat clients a reflection of hard work

Repeat clients a reflection of hard work
Proseal specialises in bitumen surfacing, planning, designing, constructing, maintaining and repairing roadways, carparks and other finished surfaces.

Hawke’s Bay surfacing specialist Proseal has now added asphalt to its concrete and chipseal surfacing options in order to satisfy the demand from those making use of the company’s 25 years of industry experience.
Proseal has specialised in the bitumen surfacing, planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and repairing of roadways, carparks, and other finished surfaces in rural and urban settings for the past three years.
Proseal founder and owner Jamie McIntyre is one of New Zealand’s most experienced chipsealers, bringing a wealth of knowledge gained from years of industry experience throughout Australasia.
“To achieve a finish that is top quality with longterm durability can be technically demanding, and we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to create the best surfaces in Hawke’s Bay and the Central North Island,” he says.
Originally steering away from asphalt, as one of the most difficult surfaces to finish, Proseal got back into it after a year in business when demand started coming in from companies like Higgins Construction and Downer New Zealand.
“A lot of companies out there like to deal with a start-to-finish surfacer, one that can complete earthworks, construction, and surfacing,” Jamie says.
“So we set up a full construction team and that has really opened up a lot of doors for us, especially with the large companies.”
Careful and proper surface preparation is crucial for the long term performance of any bitumen surface, with foundation work determining the strength, quality, and durability of the finished product.
Getting the specialised and experienced staff on board to man the construction team was easier said than done, and Proseal was initially heavy on labour to make up for being lighter on experience.
“There’s not a lot of experience in the bitumen industry in New Zealand, it’s small and most of the people all know each other. Experienced people don’t want to come and work for a young company, so at the beginning, we had to do a lot of training.”
He says he felt the more hands and eyes Proseal had involved, the quicker it could target any problem areas as they arose.
Proseal was transparent with its customers about the situation during this period which gave it merit, as did the fact any issues would be sorted before the customer had a chance to raise it.
Now the team has two years of experience, and the leadership of a former Higgins Construction surfacing specialist, Proseal is fired up to complete the full suite of services with a downscaled staff of 12.
“The Proseal team does it right first time,” Jamie says. “Their quality standards are definitely on the high end, and business is going well. It’s a good reflection of our work. Customers are coming back to us because of our efficiency.”
Proseal has now built relationships with longstanding Hawke’s Bay construction and engineering companies including MCL Construction, Gemco Construction, Stead Construction, Lockwood, and Strata Group.
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