Effluent? Put a lid on it

Effluent? Put a lid on it
The Presco Environmental Infrastructure Prosump comes with a 50-year minimum build life guarantee and a 100 years plus life expectancy.

Presco Environmental Infrastructure has just released a new roof for its Prosump effluent tank which will save farmers considerable time and money when it comes to storing and processing their effluent, says Presco Environmental key account manager, Wayne Brown.
The company has just completed its first installation of the roof for a client located near Inglewood where annual rainfall can be up to four metres. The project includes 24 panels giving an operational storage capacity of 802m 3 (802,000 litres).
“The roof will prevent around 1,025,000 litres of rain water (based on 3139mm rainfall/year) from entering the tank each year meaning considerably less hassle for the farmer, electricity savings, prevention of wear and tear on the system and greater availability of storage capacity for what he really needs it for – effluent,” explains Wayne.
Prosumps have been available for a number of years and this is just the latest development to enhance the popular product.
Wayne says that over 1000 hours was spent on the research and development of the Prosump and the result is a reliable, durable, efficient, versatile and easy-care effluent storage solution.
Prosumps are made from 150mm thick highstrength reinforced precast concrete panels arranged in a circle a bit like Stonehenge, says Wayne.
Panel height options include 2.2, 3 or 3.6 metres. This means they can be configured to any size giving a capacity from 58,000 to 8,000,000 litres plus.
The concrete has been specially formulated to resist erosion and panel joins feature a unique three stage seal and special expanding sealing compound, which expands and activates in the presence of water, resulting in impressive sealing ability, even in the event of an earthquake. The extra deep vertical wall and unique sloping floor design increases efficiency in storage and stirring.
Wayne says the earth is sculpted into an oval bowl then concrete foundations and floor are laid which means better fl ow and therefore less effort required to stir.
If the water table rises, the shape of the ‘bowl’ means that pressure is dissipated.
The shape also allows for greater volume versus the surface area of the tank and the solids are easier to keep in suspension as there are no dead corners for solids to build up in.
The Prosump has been designed by a certified IPENZ engineer to suit New Zealand’s rugged weather conditions and comply with both Dairy Company and Regional Council requirements and the FDE Code of Practice.
Prosumps can be installed above ground, in-ground or anywhere in between. They require zero maintenance and come with a 50 years minimum build life guarantee and 100 years plus life expectancy.
Presco Environmental Infrastructure can take care of a Prosump project from start to finish including advising the customer as to volume requirements, advice on what other infrastructure might be required and documentation for council.
Presco Environmental Infrastructure was started in 2006 when Steve Prestidge purchased a small Hawera business that had been manufacturing water troughs and tanks for the last 60 years.
Presco Environmental Infrastructure is one of the Presco group of companies, which include Presco Environmental Services, Presco Prenail and Presco Hire.
With its current design and installation teams, Presco Environmental Infrastructure now has the capability to deliver client specific total-package farm infrastructure and concrete solutions.
Products offered include Prosumps, in-ground effluent sumps, sand trap wedges, weeping walls, supplementary feed storage bunkers, feed pads, water troughs, feed troughs, water tanks and pipes and well liners.
Presco Environmental Infrastructure’s plant and head office is based in Hawera and the company services the central and lower North Island of New Zealand.
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