Innovative firm an industry leader

Innovative firm an industry leader
PF Olsen won the award for Excellence in Primary Industries at the 2019 Rotorua Business Awards.

While PF Olsen is a global business, the company’s headquarters in Rotorua make this city its “spiritual home”, says company director of sales and marketing Scott Downs. This meant that winning the award for Excellence in Primary Industries at the 2019 Rotorua Business Awards was particularly special.
The company was described by the judges as a truly multi–regional business that had become number one in its target market. In the latest season PF Olsen achieved a 50 percent market share of all new forest plantings.
PF Olsen started in Ngongotaha and has since grown to become a multi domestic, professional forest and agricultural management company.It manages approximately 170,000ha of plantation forest in New Zealand, of which 38,400ha is under FSC certification and 5,170ha is under PEFC certification.
Scott says the aim is to continue to be the professional forest management company of choice, providing high quality professional services and successfully delivering increased value to clients, business partners and people.
He says the Excellence award was a tribute to all those who have contributed to the success of the business over the years including loyal clients, supportive business partners and staff.
Staff are highly valued and recognised as an important aspect of the company’s success. For example an award ceremony is held as a part of the annual PF Olsen company meeting to recognise the efforts of outstanding individuals and business centres throughout the year in various aspects of work.
“Within the PF Olsen whanau we want our people to feel valued, to enjoy working for the company and to return home safe from work each day. They are vital to the continued long term success of the business,” says Scott.
He says that at PF Olsen the underlying statement within the company strategic plan is that it develops its people. “In order to grow our people, we must first identify what it is they need to grow.
“This is where the recent upgrade to a programme of individual training and development plans has been implemented to stay true to the objective of cultivating, developing and supporting our current internal talent pool.”
Scott says that innovation has also been a major catalyst to the growth of the business over the last 50 years since the company started. “At PF Olsen we realise we need to innovate faster than our competition to continue to be the professional forest manager of choice within New Zealand and abroad.
We are open to new ideas, technology and opportunities,” he says. Scott says that forestry, like other agrisectors, is embracing new technologies being developed to better manage infield operations and protect the environment.
Some of the emerging technologies that have recently been picked up by the business include acoustic recorders to listen for threatened species, such as bats, suspected to be living within forests where forest operations could directly impact their survival.
When threatened species are detected a management plan is implemented to ensure their safety.As another example contractors working within PF Olsen operations are required to use biodegradable chain bar oil, proven to be less harmful to the environment than mineral type oils.
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