Boulevard Park ‘beautifully scenic’

Boulevard Park ‘beautifully scenic’
Peter Ray Homes Blenheim is building eight new homes for clients at Boulevard Park.

Peter Ray Homes Blenheim is bringing its management expertise and flexibility to the latest stage of the Boulevard Park on Taylor community, with the design and build of eight new homes now underway.
Nestled at the foot of the Wither Hills Farm Park less than five kilometres south of central Blenheim, Boulevard Park on Taylor offers a relaxed and friendly community.
A range of walks and mountain bike trails and grand views across the Wairau Valley out to Cloudy Bay are available at Wither Hills Farm Park, while the Taylor River Trail cuts through Boulevard Park on Taylor as it extends from the town centre, past the Burleigh Bridge, and through to the Taylor Dam Reserve.
“Boulevard Park on Taylor is beautifully scenic and a very nice place to build in,” says Peter Ray Homes Blenheim owner Donna Lee.
“It has a rural aspect and sizable sections of about 700sqm and 800sqm. Our current show home can be found in a previous stage of Boulevard Park, and we have our next one in the planning stages for the final stage.”
Peter Ray Homes Blenheim is building eight new homes for clients in this stage, three of them next door to each other, some for first home builders and some for first home buyers.
Donna says that the company’s expertise in providing a full design and build package for its clients takes the pressure off first-time clients, while its flexibility ensures they end up with a home that completely suits their family and their section, and meets their requirements and their budgets.
“We have a range of standard plans which people like for ideas, then they alter them to suit themselves.
“We have an in-house designer, and sometimes people come to us with their own plans because they want us to manage their build. We are a one stop shop with the skills and ability to deliver construction projects from concept to completion, and our clients can take advantage of the buying power of a group company.”
Donna and her husband Rowan have owned Peter Ray Homes Blenheim for 12 years, after being employed by Peter Ray Homes to get the company set up in Blenheim. The couple both previously had construction industry related careers, and had built and renovated a lot of their own homes.
“We had dealt with a lot of building companies before we joined Peter Ray Homes and we thought we could do a better job,” Donna says. “Customer service was a big one for us, and also the higher level of flexibility we could offer to our customers.”

Boulevard Park ‘beautifully scenic’
Peter Ray Homes Blenheim has a range of standard plans that clients can alter to suit their requirements.

When Donna and Rowan had built houses in the past, they would travel to Christchurch to look for ideas. “We always liked Peter Ray Homes, they have a nice feel about them.”
Boulevard Park ‘beautifully scenic’
Peter ray Homes Blenheim provides a full design and build package.

12 years ago, Donna and Rowan worked by themselves and Peter Ray Homes Blenheim built about 15 houses each year. Today, the team has grown to six, and the company delivers 40 new homes every year.
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