Pest control expert doing its best for conservation

High Country Contracting has extensive experience and the infrastructure required to undertake multiple types of animal and plant pest control operations.

The exceptional and robust High Country Contracting has taken out the supreme award and the large business award at the 2019 South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.
The Pleasant Point firm has provided a fresh approach to pest control since 2014, for clients throughout the South Island. Combining multiple years of experience in the industry with the latest techniques, the company prides itself on offering a professional service with outstanding results.
High Country Contracting has extensive experience and the infrastructure required to undertake multiple types of animal and plant pest control operations, and uses only modern and effective methods to provide the best option to suit each situation.
“We’re removing a whole lot of pests, whether they are plant pests or animal pests, giving all the native plants and animals the opportunity to flourish as they don’t have any competition from predation or pest plants,” says High Country Contracting managing director Khan Adam.
Extreme growth during the past five years has brought High Country Contracting up to a staff of 42, operating out of Pleasant Point and a second branch recently opened in Mosgiel.
Competition judges acknowledged the strong leadership and smart decisions of the company’s management during this extraordinary period of growth.
As well as continuing to grow, in the past 12 months High Country Contracting has diversified into native planting and restoration work.
Khan describes it as “removing the baddies and putting the goodies back in”.
“We had a great opportunity to provide the one stop shop, full circle service, taking out the bad stuff and bringing back the native flora and fauna,” he says.
He says that a lot of New Zealanders want to have their native flora and fauna doing really well.
Khan himself is keen to be heavily involved in the Predator Free movement, which is sweeping the country as people realise they are part of the last generation that has the chance to save New Zealand’s unique native bird, bat, and insect species before they are devastated forever by introduced predators.
“We realise now is a time that something needs to be done, and something needs to be done urgently,” he says.
“We’ve got some of these birds now in dire need and if nothing is done now, they we’re going to lose them, and we’ll lose them forever.
“It’s up to the nation. We need to stand up and protect these birds, remove these pests, and protect our native species.”
He says New Zealanders in general are very conservation-minded, and along with the Predator Free movement, the pest control industry is also on the up in New Zealand.
Large scale predator free programmes are being established and gaining funding.
“The biggest challenge for the Government to deliver on these programmes is having professional contractors like ourselves to do the work. There are some excellent volunteer and community groups, but they can only take these programmes so far.
“When it comes to doing the intensive work and walking the big mountains, they need to lean on professionals like us.”

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