Fire protection services in demand

Fire protection services in demand
Quincy Tangiau: “There’s so much work on, not only with new builds but with retro-fitting buildings as well.”

Two years since establishing Passafe Fire Protection, managing director Quincy Tangiau says the West-Auckland based company is as busy as ever. “We came into the passive fi re protection sector when our building company was engaged by a developer to assist in their building.
“When the building was signed off, council did an inspection and found that some of the passive fire structures had not been completed so we undertook courses in fire protection systems and installation.”
Quincy says the decision to add fire protection services and set up a separate business to complement development company, Tytan Developments, co-founded with Nathan Te Miha, ju st made sense.
He says while the two companies work independently of each other, having the ability to complete the required fire compliance systems on their own projects or for other developers is of great value.
“There’s so much work on, not only with new builds but with retro-fitting buildings as well.” Quincy is actively looking for more staff to join the current team of 15 staff.
“We’ve also extended into other areas such as Wellington and Gisborne and currently pricing work in Whangarei,” says Quincy.
Overwhelmingly the bulk of Passafe Fire Protection projects centre around retro-fitting. Passive Fire systems are being focused on more and more and this is where Quincy has a suite of sophisticated systems to offer.
“The standard process is that we get engaged by the owner and receive a report from a fire consultant. We go through the report and offer the client various solutions.
“The engineer then either agrees or disagrees which makes the whole process transparent. From there we make a collective decision on what systems to use to get the project underway.”
Passafe Fire Protection has undertaken projects across a range of sectors from new commercial buildings, apartment blocks, District Health Boards, to work at International Airports.
Passafe has also evolved the skills and systems to work in small places and at height, particularly with the retrofitting projects they undertake.
“The ideal situation is when we sit down with the designers at the start of a project’s planning because we want to work in with the owners/clients.”
The company is an approved applicator of several fire protection paints, sprays and coatings including intumescent paint – coatings designed to expand more than 100 times in the event of a fire – ensuring the building’s structural members and protected openings. Operations manager Jacob Edwards has really proven himself in his new role.
“Jacob went from being part of the installation team then supervising quoting work and running our teams on the ground. At just 24 years of age he has got a great future ahead of him.”
As a qualified building practitioner, Quincy says that the last two years have been a real eye-opener with new technologies and systems constantly evolving.
“We are a member of the Fire Protection Association and will attend a Fire Expo at Mt Maunganui on 25 September.”
Passafe Fire Protection has developed an App for clients to remain up to date with the work the company has undertaken in real time.
“This enables them to get all recorded work with a marked-out floor plan detailing where all the penetrations have been done.
“We’re all for finding ways to develop and install precisely what a building needs and to do that in the most cost-effective way.” A look at Passafe Fire Protection’s website gives a complete overview of all the services the company offers.
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