Virtual imagery at its best

Virtual imagery at its best
The Seascape apartment project: One to One Hundred provides photo-real images for concept, resource consent, and marketing and works with clients across New Zealand and internationally.

The iconic Seascape apartment project on Auckland’s Customs Street is the largest project that architectural visualisation company One to One Hundred has ever worked on.
The project saw the team work for a year to produce a variety of 3D rendering services to client Shundi for the tallest residential tower to be built in New Zealand.
Around 30 CGIs were produced, when on a usual project this figure is closer to ten, says One to One Hundred director David Hillier.
“When people are buying apartments off the plan our work really helps to bring the project to life and there is a huge amount of work involved to get things right,” he says.
For example the Seascape project saw David on top of a neighbouring 12-storey building overseeing the drone photography to get the perfect back-ground images for the renders.
Each image was meticulously crafted in virtual space right down to the specified furniture and appliances.
One to One Hundred not only created still renders but also a touchscreen presentation with interactive virtual reality walkthrough.
David says this technology, where people put on googles and can see how their apartment will look in a virtual reality world, is the future.
“It allows people to walk around and experience the space as if it actually existed so they can get a very good idea of what their apartment will look like,” he says.
Founded by David and Jamie Holmes, their architectural visualisation firm has been creating beautiful computer generated images and animations since 2004.
The company provides photo-real images for concept, resource consent, and marketing and works with clients across New Zealand and inter-nationally.
Projects begin with an architect’s 3D model, and One to One Hundred uses creativity and artistic flair to bring it to life finding the best angle of a building and the perfect lighting.
As technology is constantly changing the team must keep up with the latest developments and David says that 3D renders are now getting photo perfect.
One to One Hundred employs a team of 13. Jamie heads up production and David takes the lead on business development and marketing.
The company is supported by trusted businesses such as voice talent agency BigMouth Voices and accountancy fi rm Marley Loft.
One to One Hundred specialises in the property market, a niche, which David says requires considerable expertise.
With regards to product modelling the company works for a variety of industries.
In order to offer a complete service has branched into marketing services under brand One for All providing everything needed to take a property development to market including naming and brand identity, website and brochures, print and digital advertisements, show suites and billboards, photography and video production, media planning and sales strategy.
David says that the Seascape project showcases the high level of workmanship the company is capable of achieving.
“A great 3D render makes all the difference to our clients when marketing their project.”
“It distinguishes their development from competitors’ product by allowing purchasers to confidently know what they are buying. We aim to get involved in projects early so we can contribute our expertise to the overall vision for the project.”
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