An award-winning gamble for Ollie

An award-winning gamble for Ollie
Oliver Tuck Construction’s award-winning build; a 408sqm, resort-style residence inspired by Balinese luxury.

Selling his house for his company’s first new home build turned out to be a gamble worth taking for Ollie Tuck of Oliver Tuck Construction, as it has been named one of this year’s best builds in New Zealand as a gold reserve finalist in the Auckland Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition, as well as winning a Gold Award in the New Home over $2 million category.
“We are very proud of it,” Ollie says. “We had an awesome client who was involved right from the start and worked alongside us on site. The important thing for us is the end relationship with the client because for us, it’s all about referral.”
Ollie set up Oliver Tuck Construction in 2013, having previously worked about 10 years for Lindesay Construction.
Towards the end of his time there, he was foreman of ‘The Whale’s Tail’ project in Taiharuru, which was featured on Grand Designs NZ in 2015.
He was building a spec house for his family at Marsden Point when he spied his future client visiting a neighbouring show home every weekend.
“We got talking, and I didn’t see it as a potential job, I was just taking him through all the dos and don’ts of building. He showed me his concept and I was like ‘wow’, and he asked me if I wanted to build it.” This was Oliver Tuck Construction’s first full contract build, and what a one to start with.
“We’d done a few bits and bobs, retaining walls and some little renovations, but I was lucky enough to have done it all with my role at Lindesay Construction, which is an amazing company, very family oriented, and very supportive of me going out on my own.”
Architecturally designed by Brent Hulena, the 408sqm resort-style residence is inspired by Balinese luxury. A position on the water, with louvres, palm trees, and breezy interiors, all providing a feeling of being on holiday at home.
Oliver Tuck Construction got involved in the project early in the design phase and worked with the client throughout the whole project to ensure it was what he had imagined.
“Even though the client had spent a lot of money, the project was very budget oriented and we had to really focus on cost,” Ollie says.

An award-winning gamble for Ollie
The award-winning home was architecturally designed by Brent Hulena.

“Because we were doing such a high-end finish, everything had to be spot on. A huge structural steel substructure in the middle of the living, kitchen, and dining, had been designed by computer model and had to be perfect. It was exceptionally high and had us working right out in the open, dealing with full on construction and health and safety.”
The highlight on this project for Ollie is a proud and happy client, a happy architect, and a proud team. “Taking them to the awards night was pretty special,” he says.
Oliver Tuck Construction will be back in the House of the Year awards next year, with its current new build at Waipu Cove – a significantly bigger project than this year’s winner.
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