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“It’s a short supply chain – straight from us to you”

Hayley Denney, ODH Business Development Manager

New Zealand’s only 100 per cent farmer owned organic dairy co-operative is proudly selling milk with the ‘feel good factor’ – free of synthetic chemicals or pesticides – direct to the consumer through an online market platform.
Organic Dairy Hub Co-operative NZ Ltd (ODH) has launched a direct delivery subscription service through a new website – Ours Truly™, – offering fresh bottled Organic Full Cream A3™ Milk with full traceability from cow to consumer.
“It’s a short supply chain – straight from us to you,” says Hayley Denney, ODH Business Development Manager.
The A3™ milk product is the co-operative’s quality mark brand and represents natural dairy at its best: A2 Beta-casein cow’s milk that comes with USDA/NOP organic certification.
“This certification is the international gold standard in organic farming,” she explains. “Our farmers have put in a huge effort to achieve it and make their milk both pesticide and chemical free. They are farming at a very high standard in a way that is good for cows, good for people and good for the environment.”
Health conscious New Zealanders can learn more about the benefits of this natural, high quality product – and the regenerative farming practices that ultimately result in healthier cows and better-tasting, nutritious dairy – through the co-operative’s other new website,
It is an exciting time for ODH, which was launched by a group of organic dairy farmers in 2015 out of a shared passion around wanting to make a real difference for their land, their animals, their environment and their families.
“It has always been the desire of our farmers to represent themselves and have their own product in the marketplace,” says Clay Fulcher, ODH CEO. “It is fantastic for them to see their A3™ brand getting so much positive feedback on Instagram, Facebook and elsewhere.”
Along with fresh A3™ organic milk, ODH is working with select dairy processors to develop more Ours Truly™ products for its New Zealand customers. They also have a strong export customer base with fresh bottled milk and UHT products, and produce a range of high end organic milk powders, extending their global reach to China, Southeast Asia, Australia, the US and Europe.
“What we’re finding is that consumers – whether here in New Zealand or in China – want to understand where their food comes from and how it is produced,” says Clay, who adds that the real farmer profiles on the Ours Truly website enable people to explore the A3™ story, from grassroots to bottle.
Ours Truly™Organic Full Cream A3™ Milk currently comes in packs of 2 x 1L bottles, with larger delivery options also in the pipeline. ODH doesn’t plan to stop at bottled milk, with R&D fuelling innovation and active collaborations already underway with like-minded partners and long term supporters, such as Wellington Chocolate Factory – New Zealand’s first Certified Organic, bean-to-bar chocolate makers.
With a solid breeding programme in the place, ODH is rapidly growing its spread of A2/A2 cows across the country to further strengthen the A3™brand.
Whereas organics was once on the fringe of dairying, Clay says that has turned around in recent years as the sector faces growing compliance issues, more demand for transparency from consumers and a rising tide of interest in regenerative farming methods. “Our organic farmers are respected today as mentors and leaders.”
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