New finish brings a splash of luxury

New finish brings a splash of luxury
NZ Pool Pebble is a mix of NZ-sourced white pebble from Southland, glass and colour.

New Zealand’s most durable and beautiful pool interior finish, NZ Pool Pebble, is now available to pool builders through NZ Pool Industries, along with the company’s own designed training package to ensure pool plasterers using the product can continue to keep it the best on the market.
NZ Pool Industries, led by career-long pool specialists Jay-Dee and Tangata Ezekiela, Andy and Steve Donaldson, Ben Vui, and Willy Jones, has worked with most products over the past nearly 20 years.
“ We were looking for one product to cover all aspects of pool finishes, and we discovered the answer lay in NZ Pool Pebble,” Willy says.
“Our New Zealand sourced, white pebble from Southland is used all around the world – it’s one of the best pebbles out there. It’s sent to Australia where it is mixed in with glass and colour, then sent back to us. It’s a long journey for the pebble, but it starts in New Zealand and ends here as well.”
NZ Pool Pebble’s colourfastness, longevity, and durability were all boxes ticked for NZ Pool Industries, while customers have loved the feel of the textured finish. “We’re getting nothing but positive reviews which is awesome.”
There are 13 standard colours available, plus a custom option to mix and match pebble, glass, and background colours so customers can create their own individual pool style. Customers also get naming rights over their new combination.
The NZ Pool Industries team is looking forward to the Pool, Spa, and Outdoor Living Expo at Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds on May 4 and 5 this year, where they will be presenting NZ Pool Pebble at their stand with a huge water feature, showcasing the deep and sparkling colours.
“People will be able to touch it, see how it looks underwater, and have a good discussion with us,” Willy says.
NZ Pool Industries’ training package will also be ready for interested pool plasterers to sign up to at the Expo. “Training consists of three on-site training days and results in a specialised NZ Pool Industries certification. Once pool plasterers are certified, they can buy NZ Pool Pebble from us.”
Willy says NZ Pool Pebble is a specialist product which requires training to be able to apply it correctly. “We need to make sure we have the best way of applying NZ Pool Pebble for the best result,” he says.
“We have to make sure it’s going to keep that quality, keep that premium. We want to make sure this is the highest quality product, the best on the market.” Willy says after plastering, NZ Pool Pebble is water blasted to expose the pebble and the glass beads.

New finish brings a splash of luxury
NZ Pool Pebble comes in 13 standard colours plus a customised mix and match option for clients to create their own unique style.

A standard exposed finish leaves a soft and smoothly textured surface, while the polished option, using diamond polishers the day after plastering, gives a silky smooth finish and brings the plaster to life.
The honed finish is exposed on the day of plastering with high-pressure water blasters, then cut back with diamond polishers to expose all of the brilliantly coloured pebble and glass, while leaving it silky smooth to the touch.
NZ Pool Industries has opted to take the cement out of the pre-prepared product, choosing instead to add fresh cement on site. “By doing that, the product stays fresh and we eliminate any risk of cement developing lumps and expiring,” Willy says.
“We can store NZ Pool Pebble for many years without cement, with cement we’d only be able to store it for six months.”
NZ Pool Industries is now focusing on its NZ Pool Pebble launch before branching out into other best quality products for other aspects of the pool industry.
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