NZ Dairy – Winter 2021

Self-proclaimed ‘simple guy’ Christopher Vila is New Zealand’s top dairy farm manager. He said if his success at the recent NZ Dairy Industry awards can inspire one or two people, then he will be a happy man. Christopher and other award winners feature prominently in this issue of NZ Dairy. Judge Valley Dairies’ John Hayward is on a mission to evolve dairy farming for the better, citing opportunities including the productive use of waste. He says embracing and utilising waste is a massive opportunity in New Zealand right now – but no-one seems to be talking about it. A2 farmgate milk suppliers Donna and Derek Baker may have New Zealand’s smallest milking herd – 14 cows. But this pint-sized herd is punching well above its weight.

NZ Dairy - Winter 2021 Cover

Businesses profiled in this edition…

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