Normans Transport takes pride in its team and top-tier customer service

The Normans Transport team at the 2023 Waikato Chamber of Commerce Awards.

Entering the 2023 Waikato Chamber of Commerce Business Awards provided Normans, a specialist freight and warehouse provider, the opportunity to measure its service delivery with other entrants in the Service Excellence category, says the company’s General Manager Adam Norman.

But he says it was also the perfect vehicle in which the business could express confidence in its team and the work they do servicing their strong customer base of importers, exporters and the region’s primary industry. “Entering the awards was all kudos for our team and the hard work they do every day to meet customer demand.”

“Customer service is what we’re here for, it’s just that moving freight and providing warehousing is how we provide that service. Customer service is something that Mum and Dad, who founded the business, have always driven, and it’s part of our core values.”

“We’re on the right track but have room to improve. So, the result was good for our business really.”

The entry into the prestigious awards programme was a first for Normans, and the company was rewarded with a Finalist placing, putting them in the top three of a record number of entrants.

“Getting Finalist was certainly a nice pat on the back for everyone, and recognised that we’re doing good things,” says Adam. “Not winning the category really does provide us with a very strong motivation to build on our service offering, and do better next time round.”

“Normans have always recognised the importance of customer service, but it’s something that in recent times we’ve taken to a new level, placing a real focus on what good customer service actually means to our customers — what makes a good experience and what doesn’t.”

“We’re on the right track but have room to improve. So, the result was good for our business really. The awards entry process begins in April, with Finalists announced in October, so it is quite a long process. We will skip entry for this year, focus on our goals over the next twelve months, and have another go in 2025.”

Normans was first registered in 1988 by Adam’s parents, Charlie and Marie Norman, and began as a livestock transport company in 1970. The company evolved to become a trusted leader in general freight and container transport, along with warehouse storage.

Normans Transport now works with a particular emphasis on food-grade products destined for domestic and international markets and operates under a comprehensive Risk Management Programme (RMP).

While Charlie and Marie are no longer involved in the business on a day-to-day basis, they sit on the board and provide advice to Adam when needed. With Head Office, trucking depot and warehousing in Morrinsiville, Normans also has two depots and warehousing in Hamilton.

“We service the Waikato to and from the major ports and our geographic reach is from Auckland down to Taupo. Transport has three divisions; container trucks for imports and exports which make up about half of our fleet, and general freight including curtainsiders which make up the other half.”

“Then we have six flat deck trucks, three of which have hiabs. We have a history of carting over-width loads including large machinery and portacoms. We still have one log truck, which is Dad’s passion and that does seasonal work, but has been modified so that in the off-season it can cart containers.”

“We run around 20,000 sqm of RMP warehousing over the three sites in Morrinsville and Hamilton and we offer both short-term and long-term storage.”

Adam explains that RMP is required if food products, particularly dairy, are being stored. “We’re not limited to just dairy and food products though. That’s a core piece of our business but we can store anything compatible. The warehouses are controlled under strict hygiene rules.”

Normans employ a team of eighty including qualified and apprentice mechanics, experienced warehouse operators and cadets, specialised Hiab and swing-lift truck operators, general freight drivers, the management team and support staff.

“With our general freight fleet, we have trucks that range from full truck and trailer units, right down to small parcel trucks. So we can offer Class 1 – 5 license trucks. That means we can bring in young people and train them through those licences.”

“We’re also spending quite a bit of time on succession planning at the moment. Despatch and management are key roles in the business, and they are the hardest roles to cover. So we are actively looking for that talent within the team.”

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