High-end showhome says it all

High-end showhome says it all
A key design element in the showhome is the substantial use of glass retracting doors and windows.

Hamilton-based Nixon Homes was founded early 2018 when brothers Cameron and Michael Holmes decided to combine their complementary skills and experience.
While Cameron has the building and customer management skills from being in the industry for 14 years. Michael, a project manager who currently lives in Holland, takes care of the finances and marketing.
Both have a common and clear vision of how they intend to grow their high-end residential building business. “We plan to build a new show-home every few years, in that way keeping up-to-date with the new-est trends in design, materials and features.
“Our focus will remain on the high-end market, because it’s where we can really showcase our high-quality workmanship.”It’ s been an exciting time since establishing, with the focus on completing their first showhome in Hamilton’s Flagstaff suburb and it is one they are both very proud of.
Cameron says the feedback from people visiting the show home has been very positive. “They really love the open plan layout.” The design concept the brothers presented to architect, Detail Consultancy from Christchurch, was simple: Create a home that will be an entertainer’s dream
As a result, in terms of space the emphasis was to create large connected social areas both inside and out. Another key design element is the substantial use of glass retracting doors and windows. “I wanted the home to receive the maximum amount of natural light and to feel spacious and open.”
The indoor-outdoor fl ow was another high priority. Using flush mounted euro stacker sliding doors they have created a seamless connection between the deck, kitchen and living area.
In summer the doors can be opened completely to provide a flowing space you can only appreciate from visiting.Complimenting the social/entertainment vibe is an exterior louvre system which can be opened for those sunny summer evenings or closed to provide cover from the colder rainy days.
There are two living areas, one in the open plan entertaining area and the other, a tv room, which can be closed off with internal cavity sliders An Otago schist stone column to the left of the double door entrance opens to the showhome featuring 4 bedrooms, bathroom, ensuite, walk in wardrobe and double garage.
Cameron says Nixon Homes has two key points of difference that directly benefit its customers. “We are a small company with no sales staff, so don’t pay sales commission and are not part of any franchise, so don’t pay franchise fees.
“These savings are directly passed onto our customers and allows us to be extremely competitive in the market”Secondly Cameron is the contact for the customer – from the first meeting, until the end, when handing over the keys.
This direct contact provides a personal touch other companies cannot provide, building a relation-ship and confidence for the customer that their home will be delivered to the highest quality.Cameron was taught to build by his father, who he describes as an incredibly clever man.
He taught him that detailed finishing and quality is always number one and this lesson still carries on in Cameron’s work today.He undertook his apprenticeship after leaving school and then gained valuable experience working with some top-class building companies in Hamilton, Christchurch and Auckland.
Life is busy for Cameron who also operates Nixon Construction, working mainly as a contract builder for housing companies.“It means I’ve got regular work and income while Michael and I are developing Nixon Homes.”Hamilton is a booming city and Cameron realises that getting your name and brand out there is very important.
He’s hoping that after building a couple of homes word will get around about the amazing work he can do. The company’s website has a video allowing the viewer to walk-through the show-home or visits can be arranged to the home at 19 The Meadows Drive in Flagstaff.
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