Top quality, service keys to success

Top quality, service keys to success
Newlife Homes has built up a successful track record of building new homes, additions, and renovations throughout the Wellington region.

Wellington residential design and build company Newlife Homes is proud to build homes not houses, putting as much effort into the quality of its service as it does into the quality of its end product.
A former sawmiller, Blair McAlpine retrained in construction and started up Newlife Homes in 2004.
An independent, modern, innovative, and progressive company, Newlife Homes has since built up a successful track record of building new homes, additions, and renovations throughout the Wellington region.
Newlife Homes offers an additional suite of services including light commercial, new kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor buildings, earthquake strengthening, maintenance, and consultancy.
Newlife Homes project manages all of its jobs and is closely involved in obtaining consents and the flow of work, ensuring materials and subcontractors are on each job on time as required, and providing quality service.
Newlife Homes’ team of six includes qualified, licensed, and Registered Master Builder Blair, the apprentice he started the company with who is qualified, a second apprentice he has trained who is now qualified, two new apprentices, and Blair’s wife Lisa as office manager.
Blair and Lisa have been working on their supply partnerships for 15 years and are proud to say they’ve stayed with virtually all the same suppliers and subcontractors for most of the Newlife Homes journey.
“They always price competitively, they know how I build, they turn up on time, and they always provide a high-quality service.”
About 90% of the company’s work is design and build, with a small percentage of clients bringing their own designs.
Top quality, service keys to success
Most design work is completed by Grant Baxter from Paraparaumu architectural design firm Onboard & Online.
“Whenever I do a land and build package, I’ll go to the site in the morning, in the evening, when it’s raining, and when it’s sunny to get all the different feels of it before I decide what to put on it,” Blair says.
“Most of our customers come to us based on trust. Once they build one house with us, they start coming back and telling all their friends.”
Top quality, service keys to success Working all over the Wellington region, Newlife Homes is very familiar with the consent processes of the various local authorities covering the region.
Each council has their own way of handling the consent process, the frequency of inspections and the compliance regime, so Newlife Homes is able to facilitate each job through this process ensuring minimum delays and speedy resolution of tricky aspects which may arise.
One area Newlife Homes has completed a lot of work is Aotea in Porirua, where Newlife Homes has been building new homes for more than eight years.
Blair and Lisa believe building a home requires a partnership between Newlife Homes and its client to achieve a successful build.
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