N-Compass – conducting the orchestra

N-Compass - conducting the orchestra
The new Gardens School in Manurewa - another project successfully managed by N-Compass.

A brand new school has been built at The Gardens School in Manurewa all while the existing school was operational. Smart project planning and management has seen the new three-storey school constructed in the playing field. Afterwards the existing school was demolished and made into a new playing field.
Brett Heaven, one of the directors of N-Compass project management, which has completed a number of projects for the Ministry of Education, says the constraints of the building site was the main challenge on this project along with rising building costs in a heated construction market.
N-Compass liaised closely with the Ministry of Education, school, board of trustees, builder and other contractors to ensure a successful end result.
“We’re like the conductor of an orchestra; we hold everyone on the project together. When there are issues we work together to solve them. It’s about bringing people together to work towards a common goal – a successful outcome,” he says.
N-Compass became involved in the project nearly four years ago then ran the tender process to engage MOAA Architects from Hamilton and building contractor Arrow International plus other contractors.
N-Compass managed the project from start to finish including financial planning and control, quality assurance, design and construction right through to handover.
N-Compass was started in 2004 and is today operated by Brett and fellow directors Peter Sewell and Vance McGregor.
The aim has been to establish a project management company with a difference. Brett, who hailed from project management for the super yacht industry says that attention to detail and seeing projects from start to finish was paramount.
N-Compass recognise that, in today’s complex construction and business environment, business acumen, contract management, strong communication and negotiation skills and comprehensive technical skills are paramount,” he says. “Alongside these factors, proactive consultation, liaison and communication are vital in managing the expectations of all parties involved. N-Compass was named as we encompass everything in terms of dealing with a project for a client.”
He says that N-Compass sees its role as more client representatives than project managers. A personal approach is also important, born from the fact that N-Compass is a very family oriented business.
“We are a niche business and don’t want to ever get so big we can’t give our clients a personal service. This means on every project there is a company director involved and overseeing it. We are available to our clients 24/7.”
The company works on a variety of projects including in the fields of healthcare, commercial and education to name but a few.
Brett stresses that no matter what the project at N-Compass the client is always at the forefront of every decision made. “It’s about always doing the right thing for the client. “We believe that if our clients are successful by default N-Compass will be successful.”
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