Well placed to meet growing demand

Well placed to meet growing demand
Mouldings Unlimited has access to a full range of resources and technical capabilities to service clients from concept to finished product.

Leader in plastic rotational moulding, Mouldings Unlimited, has moved to a new purpose-built facility at 30 Turners Road in Feilding, which will provide increased capacity and operational efficiencies, says managing director Gary King.
The company specialises in the creation of large hollow structures or components and is experiencing increasing demand throughout New Zealand for its products.
Gary says Mouldings Unlimited is well placed to meet this demand with its molding experience, knowledge of plastics and commitment to quality putting the company at the forefront of New Zealand’s rotational moulding industry.
He says that rotational moulding is a highly versatile manufacturing process that allows for virtually unlimited design possibilities and offers design advantages over other moulding processes as parts that are usually assembled from several pieces can be moulded as one. This reduces fabrication and assembly costs.
The process also has a number of inherent design strengths, says Gary. As a contract manufacturer, Mouldings Unlimited does not mould any of its own products, and is entirely focused on creating custom-made products to suit customers’ exact requirements.
Staff work closely with product designers and mould makers to ensure every concept is turned into reality. Any manufacturing issues are resolved at this stage and costs confi rmed prior to cutting or casting any molds.
Mouldings Unlimited then mould the product in the polymer best suited for the finish quality and strength performance required with the company’s central location ensuring cost-effective distribution across the country. Making things easy for customers is a priority, says Gary.
Mouldings Unlimited can project manage the entire design and mould-making process, manufacture to strict specifications, assemble, package and even co-ordinate freight directly to the end customer if required.
“Mouldings Unlimited’s point of difference is developing a deep understanding of clients’ requirements and offering solutions to their problems.
“Our company’s strength lies in its attention to detail and investment in quality. Our philosophy also involves forming strong client relationships and strong business relationships.
“We have a very good understanding of marketing and sales principles and can work in with customers to determine if a project is viable and question what is required from a marketing and manufacturing perspective to make it work.”
As part of the McLaren Ross Holdings group of companies and, in particular, Plastic Rotational Moulding Co Ltd (PRM), Mouldings Unlimited has access to a full range of resources and technical capabilities to service clients from concept to finished product.
For example between the group it shares new generation computer monitoring equipment which measures key process control parameters to ensure a perfectly moulded part.
The new Mouldings Unlimited factory in Feilding features three shuttle ovens and is a specialist in small part production, able to produce more than 90 cycles per day.
The group also has manufacturing plants in Ashburton and Auckland, which complement the Feilding factory’s abilities.

Well placed to meet growing demand
Mouldings Unlimited specialises in the creation of large hollow structures or components from design through to manufacture.

“We’re all part of a group and we work as a group – we work as one company with three factories. Between the three companies we can share knowledge and resources which will benefit customers,” Gary says.
“We have equal manufacturing in both the North Island and the South Island and can manufacture products to overcome logistics issues. “Mouldings Unlimited can spread its work across the three factories, if required, depending on capacity and plant size.”
With origins dating back 25 years, Mouldings Unlimited has provided plastic moulding solutions for a wide variety of customers. It is focused primarily on the agricultural sector but also services other markets such as furniture and marine industries.
“Our service starts with our customer’s idea. With our knowledge and skills we work hard to deliver the result our customer first envisaged, to shape plastics beyond the obvious, and help them to grow their business.”
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