Morrison Agri’s pumping and plumbing services secure clean water on farms

Morrison Agri Directors
Morrison Agri Directors Rob Morris and Paul Morrison.

Dairy farming technology expert Morrison Agri is now turning its pumping and plumbing expertise to clean and fresh drinking water on farms, as new drinking water standards from water services regulator Taumata Arowai require some farmers to upgrade their systems by 2028 and need to be registered as a water supplier by 2025.

Morrison Agri is a milking systems specialist with an engineering division and a new plumbing and pumping division established to deal with the growing issues around water quality on farms.

“There’s a lot of regulation around it, and there will be more coming in,” says Morrison Agri owner Paul Morrison. “We’ve got a team of registered plumbers with backgrounds in pumping and filtration who can help our clients stay compliant with new regulations and make sure their water is safe to drink.”

Taumata Arowai’s new Drinking Water Acceptable Solution for Rural Agricultural Water Supplies says such supplies are where water is provided at a restricted volume to a point of supply storage tank on a consumer’s property. These supplies primarily provide stock water or irrigation water in rural areas at an agreed quantity over a period of 24 hours, but can also provide drinking water to small rural communities.

The water provided by a rural agricultural water supply may or may not be safe to drink, and if it is to be consumed by people, it needs to comply with the standards.

End-point treatment systems that comply with this drinking water Acceptable Solution provide a way of ensuring that households and other buildings supplied by a rural agricultural water supply receive water that complies with the standards and is safe to drink.

Morrison Agri sells, installs and services a comprehensive range of products including submersibles, groundwater pumps, commercial water treatment devices, end suction pumps, multi-stage pump setups and electrical controllers as well as advanced commercial pump equipment and pressure tanks.

We are a one-stop-shop, and we are available 24/7, especially for our rural customers.

Filtration systems are going to play a huge role in compliant rural drinking water systems going forward, and Morrison Agri can provide everything from the simple domestic five-stage under bench filter to a full commercial site fit-out to remove chlorine and nitrates and purify water.

“Stay compliant with the new regulations and ensure your water is safe to drink,” Paul says. Morrison Agri provides a reliable water testing service with the state-of-the-art Davey Lab in Auckland processing water samples and providing results and recommendations for how to make it safe.

Morrison Agri technicians are always equipped with test pottles and ready to take water samples from any site. Morrison Agri’s team of plumbers are IQP-registered to test and make compliant all types of backflow devices. If any issues are found while testing, our plumbers have a wide range of repair kits in stock, so are able to fix issues and re-test in the same visit.

Morrison Agri is available to provide emergency plumbing services to farmhouses and lifestyle properties, at any time. “Plumbing emergencies happen unexpectedly, from burst pipes to leaking pumps, and we are always ready to step in,” Paul says.

“We’ve got the full range of services to offer, including tap washer replacement, toilet replacements, fixture installations, hot water cylinder replacements and more. We are a one-stop-shop, and we are available 24/7, especially for our rural customers.”

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