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To provide optimal customer visibility, the dealership needed lots of transparency with all internal office walls fully glazed.

Creating architectural reality from the dreams of many people—Jonathan Moore says he has worked on creating his own architectural business since 1995.
Having a business in a small but vibrant town like Ashburton has given Jonathan the opportunity to make new friends and build a large client base—a small practice that delivers full-hearted commitment to each of his clients is his ethos.
“Being a sole practitioner, you have to be motivated and focused,” says Jonathan. “Keeping a sense of humour and a social calendar helps to keep a good balance.”
Reflecting on his businesses success, Jonathan says long hours and a loyal wife at his side have let him enjoy and build his business status to date. “Everybody is different in their own way, which brings challenges to each new design and that’s the interesting part of the job that keeps the challenges real.”
Jonathan has always done a lot of new homes, alteration work and commercial projects, but he says alterations are invariably a big puzzle. “You’re starting with an existing structure that’s usually in the wrong place and which may be impossible to change.
So rather than just starting with a blank sheet, you have to think more strategically.” Jonathan’s ‘strategic approach was rewarded in 2016 when commissioned by Gluyas Motor Group to design and create detailed construction drawings for the Ford franchise dealer’s new premises.
“After many meetings and sketches, the owner’s brief was to demolish the old building in parts and rebuild it to 100% of earthquake code. The existing showroom was to be kept operating at the road front, while the new dealership was constructed at the rear.”
Nearing the end of the construction documents for the ‘Ford’ franchise, the client revealed that a second dealership for the ‘Nissan’ brand needed to be added within the final drawings.
“To minimise any confusion, the layout of this building takes you on a simple approach, from sales to service, then through to the workshop area,” explains Jonathan. “Upstairs, away from the public is the open staff area and conference room.
“The parts department is a vital area that needed easy access and shelved storage. An upstairs landing area was provided with a large storage capacity.”
To provide optimal customer visibility, the dealership needed lots of transparency with all internal office walls fully glazed, making it easier to monitor client traffic.
Energy efficient lighting has been utilised to illuminate and showcase the showroom and display vehicles.
An inviting serving counter area allows for a clean, neat and professional appearance that advertises the warm wood finishes. Timeless materials mixed within an expressive form, convey the sense of bold movement
within the exterior pallet.
Clean horizontal lines unify materials when they connect to create a cohesive visual appearance—primarily achieved through the use of glass, metal panel and concrete systems.
With construction completed and signed off in 2017, Jonathan says success of the project was in no small part due to the workmanship and management of Bradford Building Ltd.
With designs that will last well beyond his own lifetime, Jonathan says that architecture is a profession that gives a lot of satisfaction. “Architecture is not just creating a space to protect people but to make them dream as well,” he says.
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