Creating beautiful homes at Hart Rise

Creating beautiful homes at Hart Rise
Mike Greer Homes Nelson has completed a number of signifi cant client builds at the in-demand Hart Rise development in Richmond.

The Nelson branch of national building company Mike Greer Homes is bringing more to the people of Richmond with a number of signature house-and-land packages and client builds at the in-demand Hart Rise development.
“At Mike Greer Homes, we believe more is more and you can see that in our homes,” says Mike Greer Homes Nelson managing director James Petersen.
“We have a strong focus on design. Rather than sending out plans that everyone is getting tired of, we are spending time thinking about it.
“There are 17 designers in our Christchurch office and more technicians underneath them, so there is a real focus on making our houses look different and providing good resale value. “Mike Greer Homes houses always resell really well because they look different and they have great street appeal.”
He says Mike Greer Homes Nelson has already done some interesting things for its clients at Hart Rise, which famously sold its first 50-odd sites in 2016 within 24 hours of them going on sale.
“We’ve done some mono slope designs and used things like corten steel. We currently have two house-and-land packages for sale which use a lot of cedar and schist.”
Like most others, Mike Greer Homes missed out on stage one sections at Hart Rise, but persevered due to its location in the busy and ever-growing Richmond, as well as being impressed by the layout of the sites, the parks and reserves, and the overall quality of the development.
Mike Greer Homes Nelson has since purchased four sections in stage two, three sections in stage three, and one section in stage four.
Stage four is the final stage and will bring the development up to about 140 sections. “It’s a busy little corner of Richmond, nice and close to the schools and there is now talk of a new supermarket opening up,” James says. “The south side of Hart Rise will probably stay rural for a while longer, which adds to the appeal.”
Mike Greer Homes Nelson has had interest in Hart Rise from people in a variety of circumstances, from people starting out to people retiring.
“People looking for easy care and low maintenance properties, people who want to go out and do things in the weekends, people with busy lives.
“The sections aren’t huge so you’re not spending the weekend gardening, and with a brand new home you’re not spending the weekend working on your home.”
Creating beautiful homes at Hart Rise
While not huge, the sections Mike Greer Homes Nelson has bought at Hart Rise are 400 to 500sqm and James says with the right house design, a medium-sized section can feel large.
“It’s about the floor plan, the layout, and taking advantage of the outlook,” he says. Like all Mike Greer Homes houses, its new homes at Hart Rise have been and will be designed from scratch, to suit the section and the clients’ requirements. “All of our homes are built to show home standard,” James says.
“People can walk into our show home at 5 Village Lane, Montebello and know what they ca n expect in their own home.”
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