Expansion to help Inglewood elderly

Expansion to help Inglewood elderly
Stage one of the Marinoto Rest Home project is the construction of a new hospital.

Marinoto Rest Home is expanding with a new hospital wing and major alterations to the existing rest home to allow for hospital level care for local Inglewood people.
For nearly 50 years, Marinoto Rest Home has operated from the former Inglewood Maternity Hospital, where coincidentally quite a few members of the rest home’s operator Inglewood Welfare Society were born.
Marinoto Rest Home has been the only rest home in Inglewood for many years, and when the hospital wing is complete, it will be the only one in the area with both rest home and hospital facilities.
Inglewood Welfare Society was formed in 1970 to run the rest home, which was leased until 2015 until the society identified the need for a hospital wing and decided for that vision to move forward, it needed to take back the management itself.
“There were a lot of changes happening at the time,” says Inglewood Welfare Society secretarytreasurer Stuart Waite.
“There were far fewer people being placed in rest homes. The emphasis had moved to home care, and because of that people who entered rest homes were more likely to need hospital care straight away.
“There was no hospital care available in Inglewood, so people would need to go to rest homes and hospitals in New Plymouth.
“There was a real demand in this area for local people to get to a facility close to where they were from, where we could look after them all the way through with hospital care.”
Inglewood Welfare Society approached Taranaki Electricity Trust (TET) for help with funding the new venture, and received a very enthusiastic response.
TET has provided $2 million of the $2.25 million required for the new 460sqm hospital wing, and the upgrade and fit out to the existing rest home.
Stuart’s own company, Value Building Supplies, has trumped up more than $30,000 of the remaining $250,000, and is providing the building materials at cost.
Inglewood Welfare Society is continuing its sponsorship drive which has already raised more than $160,000 kindly donated from community groups, businesses, and individuals.
Meanwhile at Marinoto Rest Home, Livingstone Building has won the tender and started construction of stage one, which is the new hospital, and due for completion in October.
Stage two is the upgrade of existing bedrooms in the rest home, the addition of some en suites, an adaptation of the nurses’ station, and a new day spa/salon. The new facility will offer the Inglewood community a total of 31 beds, increased from 23.
Stuart says making ends meet for the larger facility is going to pose a real challenge for Inglewood Welfare Society, since government finding for rest homes has fallen in real terms. “A lot of smaller rest homes have closed down, and a lot of others are really struggling,” he says.
“The pay increase for care and support workers everyone thought was fair enough, but the Government didn’t fund the whole amount. “It’s left to organisations like ours to try to make up the difference.”
But Marinoto Rest Home has never had trouble with its occupancy rates. “We’ve always had a great team of staff, and we try to make it as much as we can like people’s own home.”
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